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 Official Timeline thread

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PostSubject: Official Timeline thread   Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:45 pm

Okay, so with the shift to the free form time flow style of rp, I figured there might be some concern about keeping events straight. Worries that an rp might start up only to realized one of the characters couldn't possibly be alive at that moment due to how events played out in the past that maybe each side rping wasn't aware of or straight about when things happened.

To solve this, I propose a universal time line thread that anyone can add to. If there's an important event in your characters' histories you can add it to the time line, which can be a quick reference for anyone who needs it or for newcomers wanting a quick summary of events that have happened.

I DO have an idea how to do this with the forum tools we have here, but I figured I'd ask if other people were interested in doing it my way as well. It would have to involve a mod or mods in charge of keeping the thread updated, and the people playing would be responsible for submitting things to the time line.

Here's about how I figure it can go:

First I figure the time line ought to be put somewhere so it's easy to access for people wanting to view it, iunno where that'd be. In it the first post would be the time line, probably using bullet points, that lists all the major events. I figure the Different gens could be color coded or broken up by large titles or something, and years could also be marked off (because we know, for instance, the gathering of the first gens happened a little before the two year mark in gen one.)

The second post would have links to all the threads for each event, and also short descriptions of the event if necessary. Third post would hold a form that people could fill out if they had rped an important event and wanted to add it to the time line. Anything from a character death to switching partners to a shift in personality might constitute as important it's really up to the people rping the events. The form would include a title for the event, a link to the thread it happened, a SHORT description (if they wished) and where in the time line they wanted it to be placed. Then, people, once they finished rping an event, would submit this to the thread, and whoever was in charge of keeping it updated, would update the time line and the event descriptions and then delete the request post to keep the thread neat.

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PostSubject: Re: Official Timeline thread   Sat Jun 05, 2010 3:25 pm

Poll added for easy feedback if you do not wish to post your opinion!
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Official Timeline thread
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