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 [Archive] Your Ginger is in Another Castle. A WILD NOIR APPEARS

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PostSubject: [Archive] Your Ginger is in Another Castle. A WILD NOIR APPEARS   Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:02 am

[00:59:17] DaJiboo : A lone knight charges
down an abandoned street, armor clanking as he frantically pads about,
as if searching for something.

[00:59:25] @ Kurr : [[AND REPLY TO EVERYONE

[00:59:39] DaJiboo : He raises his head to
the sky and yells "BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIDHE!!!"

[01:00:02] @ InkAbyss : ((KAY I WON'T JUMP

[01:01:12] DaJiboo : Head swivelling about
frantically, his gazes sweeps the area before he throws a punch in
frustration, armored fist going neatly through the window of a
long-closed storefront.

[01:01:30] DaJiboo : "RAAAAAaaaarGH!!!!"
[01:02:49] YanniMorePlz : *raising his hand*
stop, you hear that? *looking over his shoulder at Edgar as they creep
along narrow alyway

[01:02:57] DaJiboo : Where did he go....
did someone take him? Did the Wolf-man come for my kin?

[01:03:01] @ InkAbyss : Cyrus hears a scream and
a crash and tenses, cocking his head a bit. "What the hell is that?" he
growls to no one in particular, crawling blindly towards the edge of
the roof as if that would afford him

[01:03:28] @ InkAbyss : a better look. He safely
stops at the edge, listening intently

[01:03:46] DaJiboo : I must find my
squire.... he needs me... i have to protect him, teach him to become a
man... i need to have someone to protect...

[01:04:16] DaJiboo : "BRIIIIDHE CAN YOU

[01:05:49] xsparky : Noir takes a few
steps towards the edge, stoping just short behind Cyrus. From the perch
on the roof, it wasnt that hard to see Rusty's impressive figure below.
The question really hadnt been aimed at her

[01:06:21] ZygomaticProcess : "Seems to be a
comotion farther ahead," Edgar nodded towards the sliver of street the
pair could see from the narrow alley. "Sounds like someone needs aid."

[01:06:34] xsparky : but she answered
anyway, dryly, "Some idiots breaking windows".

[01:07:47] YanniMorePlz : "aye, probably
that, but also something that we may or may not want to be involved
with... I think it is worth taking a look so what say you... shall we?
*he asks his partner*

[01:07:59] DaJiboo : Rusty continued to
look around. Everywhere he looked, barren, deserted wasteland. Not the
dense forest and medieval kingdom he perceived as home, but an
apocalyptic afterthought reserved to the dead

[01:08:26] Raccoon Recon : Dr. Marmion Kalida
Faust enjoyed his rare visits into The Pit as they called it. Here, he
could observe his subjects up close. Below him on the street, subject
"Sir Rusty" bellowed and hollared for

[01:08:55] Raccoon Recon : his partner.
Seemed that those left from the First Generation knew all to well the
dangers of seperation...

[01:09:27] @ InkAbyss : Cyrus was concentrating
hard on the voice, it was familiar... He blinked, "Oh shit Rusty. Fuck
we need to go," Cyrus said quickly standing up and turning towards where
he knew the door to the lower

[01:09:31] Raccoon Recon : For now, he would
watch and wait. Such a commotion was bound to draw all kinds of

[01:09:35] @ InkAbyss : levels of the building

[01:09:52] ZygomaticProcess : Edgar stood a
moment in thought, nervously tugging at the cuffs of his sleeves.
"Sounds like a person, not those... dogs. We should have a look if they
need help.

[01:10:57] DaJiboo : He's not answering.
He can't answer me. Maybe he's hurt. Maybe he's nearby. Someone hurt
him. I'm going to hurt whoever hurt him.

[01:11:01] xsparky : Noir's brow
creased, still standing on the ledge and watching Rusty from above.
Cyrus had already reached the door before she turned to follow slowly,

[01:11:11] DaJiboo : .... I'm going to
KILL whoever hurt him.

[01:11:42] xsparky : still looking very
displeased at moving. Yes...Cyrus had mentioned a name. Rusty. "You
know him?"

[01:12:52] DaJiboo : I need to look
farther... faster. Elevation. Height would let him search faster. He had
to climb a tower... scale a ziggurat of this empty Babel.

[01:13:51] DaJiboo : Rusty turned towards
the storefront, wrenching his fist from the hole in the plexiglass
window. He began scanning the roofs, looking for the tallest building to

[01:13:53] YanniMorePlz : "Hmm, then let us
move forward, maybe upwards a bit to *he glances at some fire escape
ladders* "maybe get on a low rooftop so we can see whats going on *he
scales the ladder up and up till he disape

[01:13:54] @ InkAbyss : "Does it matter?" Cyrus
spat out as he flung open the door and began descending the stairs. He
felt a little queasy, further persuading him that he definately was not
in the mood to deal with the madman at th

[01:13:59] @ InkAbyss : the moment...

[01:16:48] Raccoon Recon : With a smile,
Faust removes a pocketbook from his dirties labcoat, and begins to write
notes, signs of progress. How long would it be until someone came to
"Rusty"'s aid...? Surely these little

[01:16:49] xsparky : Glaring at the
back of her partners head was proving useless. Yes, it did matter. She
really wasnt into the whole 'risking her life for a stranger thing'.
Actually...she wasnt really into the 'risking her life

[01:17:06] Raccoon Recon : scrappers of his
valued humanism and teamwork.

[01:17:09] ZygomaticProcess : With no other
option than to follow his partner's lead, Edgar tailed Eamon up the
rickety fire escape. Hopefully scaling the building wouldn't put them
out of reach to help someone on street level

[01:18:32] xsparky : for Cyrus's friend
thing", either. In that case the question really didnt matter.
Ugh...Cyrus was already throwing himself down a flight of stairs. The
pit of her stomach jerked, and with a low angry hiss

[01:19:26] xsparky : of a sigh she
followed, her feet now rushing to keep up with Cyrus. Well, she wasnt
going to do this without bitching a little. " does matter. The
idiots down there yelling. He's drawing all sorts

[01:19:27] Kurr has joined the chat on Sun 13 Jun - 1:19
[01:19:32] xsparky : of attention to

[01:19:47] DaJiboo : Rusty scanned the
street again and found what looked like the tallest building around.
Curious. Smoke was drifting away from the top of the building... a sign
of recent human occupation and possibly a hint as to th

[01:20:01] DaJiboo : e location of Bridhe's

[01:20:18] @ InkAbyss : "He's crazy, he doesn't
like me, and he's dangerous, what more do you need to know?" Cyrus said
without turning around on the stairs, hearing and sensing Nior following
him, "That and exac

[01:20:25] @ InkAbyss : exactly the reasons you
said are why we should leave now and not get involved."

[01:21:40] DaJiboo : "That one" Rusty
muttered under his breath, a drop of sweat beading on his chin to land
with a dull *plip* inside his armor.

[01:21:43] BewilderMe

has joined the chat on Sun 13 Jun - 1:21

[01:22:14] YanniMorePlz : *rhode running
along the top of the flat, Eamon hurried up to the edge of the building,
a stack of debirs piled next to what looked like a door stood next to
the edge, he wigled his way next to

[01:22:31] DaJiboo : He took off at a rapid
trot for the building, sabatons digging angry furrows into the gravel
and asphalt.

[01:23:12] YanniMorePlz : it, peering over
the edge, he gazed apon the street below...

[01:23:21] xsparky : "Street level
seems the worst pl-" She stopped talking, and paused- her whole body
freezing for a moment. There was movement. Someone was climbing the
buildings ladder or something...Roof and streets. At the m

[01:23:41] xsparky : oment, nethier
seemed like a good idea.

[01:24:44] DaJiboo : [[ Cindy... so far
Bridhe is missing and Rusty is freaking out because the ginger is

[01:25:24] BewilderMe : [[ yeah was
reading, mmm

[01:25:50] Raccoon Recon : "Aaah ha... There
they are." Faust smiled in satisfaction as others slowly started

[01:25:51] DaJiboo : [[ so far been saving
it up in gmail to repost.

[01:26:18] YanniMorePlz : *Eamon watches the
knight charging down the street... his is mystified a bit by this...*

[01:26:46] DaJiboo : At the base of the
building, Rusty finds large doors, no handles visible and no windows at
street level.

[01:27:13] YanniMorePlz : "... now that is
not something you see every day..." he states in awe

[01:27:31] BewilderMe : Was someone
calling his name? Bridhe blearily blinked, his form crumpled and
splayed on the broken ground as he blinked up at the sky. His head
throbbed, he had hit it on something, judging by

[01:27:34] ZygomaticProcess : Edgar swung
himself over the lip of the fire escape, scrambling onto the decaying
rooftop. Spotting his partner a few feet away, he carefully picked a
path across the crumbling concrete to stand

[01:27:38] ZygomaticProcess : by the other man.
[01:27:50] DaJiboo : A full circle of the
building would be impossible, as a large fissure cuts off the street
heading to the left and a massive barricade of overturned cars blocks
the other side.

[01:27:51] ZygomaticProcess : "Anyone down

[01:28:16] @ InkAbyss : Cyrus continued down the
stairs despite his partner's obvious stubborn disapproval, muttering
under his gravely breath. They were up several stories, and so it took a
bit for them to decend...

[01:28:21] BewilderMe : the stickness in
his hair. He sat up, covering his mouth to avoid vomiting all over the
cement. Who called him?

[01:29:01] DaJiboo : Getting to the
doorway, he tried to push the massive steel doors open, but they refused
to move.

[01:29:07] BewilderMe : [[ *stickiness?

[01:29:41] @ InkAbyss : ((Is Rusty supposed to
be going in the building that Cyrus and Nior are in?

[01:29:48] YanniMorePlz : "shhosh! be quiet
Edgar! there is giant of a knight in the street, I think he is the
source of all the noise..." He whipsered crouching low

[01:30:19] DaJiboo : [[ he trying to get up
the one next to it. edgar and eamon are coming up your fire escape tho

[01:30:33] xsparky : Floor level.
Noir's feet planted into the ground, her mouth drawing into a thin line.
Cyrus was mumbling, and now she was playing the silent angry game.

[01:31:04] DaJiboo : "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!"

Rusty swung his sword at the door's hinges a few times, to no effect.

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PostSubject: Re: [Archive] Your Ginger is in Another Castle. A WILD NOIR APPEARS   Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:04 am

[01:31:55] xsparky : Noir moved foward,
towards the building door. It had splintered open slightly, so that she
could see a good bit of the street outside. And lo an behold- Sir
Rusty. Next door, screaming. She crouched&

[01:32:03] DaJiboo : Poking and prodding
the large door awning, he finally wedged his sword between the two doors
and pushed in.
<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[01:32:18] ZygomaticProcess : "A what?" Edgar
blinked in surprise, craning his neck over the side of the building.
Only to spot a man in full medeival garb assaulting the door to the
adjacent building.
<p class="chatbox_row_1
clearfix">[01:32:46] xsparky : , though the man
was porbably too distracted fighting the door. "He's outside" Her voice
was low, and accusing. This door was the only exsit.

[01:33:03] ZygomaticProcess : He stared, a
little more than flabbergasted at the spectacle. "What in the world...?"

[01:33:29] BewilderMe : Oh. The thing in
his wrist. Angerfrustrationsomethingsomething... Bridhe wobbled to his
feet, holding his stomach as he grimaced before looking around.
"Rusty?" Well. Shit. "RUSTY?" Fuck. He needed

[01:33:39] DaJiboo : A jet of liquid
escaped from the seam between the doors, pushing Rusty back by a full
foot and loosing his grip on his sword.

[01:33:40] BewilderMe : to move or the
dogs would come.
<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[01:34:28] Kurr has been
disconnected the Sun 13 Jun - 1:34 (session timeout)

[01:34:54] DaJiboo : The jet became more
powerful as the hermetic seal that had been containing the reservoir of
rain water cracked. Rusty's hand flew off his handle as the water

[01:35:17] DaJiboo : completely washed him
away, slamming him into the debris of an old minivan

[01:36:01] YanniMorePlz : "ooh holy saint...
this is such a strange place" Eamon said still observing the actions of
the knight but doing nothing else, his hand unconsiously tightened on
his nightstick deep within his caot..*

[01:36:34] @ InkAbyss : "Fuck," Cyrus said
simply, the word apparently summing up their situation, "We either go
back up to the roof or wait for him to go away. With the way he's
screaming he's probably fighting a dragon a

[01:36:43] @ InkAbyss : and-" Cyrus broke off,
hearing the sounds of rushing water in the streats and as water suddenly
rushed beneath the crack in their door. "What the fuck did he just

[01:36:53] DaJiboo : The doors swung wide
open, a real deluge of water shooting the sword out of the crack and
embedding it solidly into the van next to him.

[01:37:01] Raccoon Recon : The scientist
couldn't help but laugh aloud as the "knight" was washed away...

[01:37:49] DaJiboo : Yelling and screaming,
Rusty flailed about as the water put crushing force on his chest and
legs. "BRID-glrblddsssgsblg-"

[01:38:05] Raccoon Recon : "Hot headed old
fool. Not even in these past few years has he changed." Faust was oddly
fond of Rusty and his delusions.

[01:38:57] BewilderMe : "Rusty?" Bridhe's
voice cracked as he started to move, ignoring the cramping and the
general shit he felt as he started to move. Bridhe thought he
heard his name, and he took off in an instinc

[01:39:23] BewilderMe : instinctive sprint
toward the sound. "Shit. Shit."

[01:39:33] DaJiboo : A few more seconds of
flailing passed, the stream of water eventually submerging Rusty
entirely for a few seconds. As the water finally trickled away, Rusty
law motionless on the street.

[01:39:53] xsparky : There was someone-
or something- up on the roof now, Noir was sure of it. Yes, she had
heard the ladder being used before when her and Cyrus had desended the
stairs...going back up did not seem a very goo

[01:39:56] ZygomaticProcess : "A little more
than odd, yes," Edgar murmured, voice distant. When Rusty was shoved
back the the onslaught of released rainwater, he cringed with worry and
leaned farther over the roof'

[01:40:09] ZygomaticProcess : roof's ledge,
shouting into the street. "Are you alright down there?"

[01:40:28] DaJiboo : Water escaped the
armor and poured into the sewage system, years of innatention and lack
of maintenance causing it to backwash for a few moments before sinking

[01:40:41] xsparky : d idea. At least
they knew what awaited them outside...and oh- the knight had fallen.
Noir stood quickly back up, yes- this was thier chance.

[01:41:43] xsparky : She burst the door
open, sprinting out into the street. Rusty seemed...knocked out. In a
van to her right, his sword stuck out from being flung moment before.

[01:42:05] DaJiboo : *cough* *hack*
splotches of darkness danced about his vision. Rusty couldn't move right
now. A low moan escaped his helmet as he attempted to sit up but lacked
the strength.

[01:42:08] YanniMorePlz : "GAH! What are you
doing are you crazy!? you dont even know that person" Eamon practically
yelled at Edgar.
<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[01:42:26] BewilderMe : Here. Here,
something told him as he clammored over a toppled van. It creaked and
groaned before he landing on the wet asphault on the otherside. "Fuck,
damnit. Fuck!"
<p class="chatbox_row_1
clearfix">[01:43:24] DaJiboo : "Br-Br....Where..."

[01:43:38] Raccoon Recon : Faust turned his
head to the roof a few houses down as he noticed Edgar and Eamon yelling
and making a general commotion. Interesting... he'd yet to observe
those two.

[01:43:39] ZygomaticProcess : Edgar jumped at
Eamon's frantic shout, smacking his knees into the brick overhang with a
surprised yelp. "He could be hurt!"

[01:44:03] DaJiboo : *cough* *heave*

[01:44:52] @ InkAbyss : "Wh-WHAT ARE YOU
DOING?!" Cyrus screeched after Nior, more than happy to have hidden in
the building or face whoever was above rather than the incredibly strong
and dangerous armored man. He grit his teeth as

[01:45:02] @ InkAbyss : he felt his tick begin
to tingle, causing a customary heave of his stomach he had to supress.
"GODDAMN THAT WOMAN!" he said frustrated, inching cautiously partway out
the door and trying to locate which

[01:45:14] @ InkAbyss : way Noir went...
[01:45:42] YanniMorePlz : "He is proably a
crazed lunatic, who wears armor like that anymore? and what if he turns
his aggresion on us? what am i going to do? fight a sword with a sticl
*he gestured whith his nightstick, he s

[01:45:48] YanniMorePlz : he sighed and
contiunued to watch*
<p class="chatbox_row_1
clearfix">[01:46:04] BewilderMe : "No shit it's not
safe you moron." Bridhe moved to try and help the larger man up,
ignoring the vertigo and the disorientation as he grit his teeth.
"Move. Now." He stopped, looking up toward the y

[01:46:13] BewilderMe : yelling on the
roof above.

[01:46:14] YanniMorePlz : ((stick*
[01:46:43] xsparky : It would have been
much smarter to turn heel at this moment and escape down the streety.
Afterall- Rusty wasnt looking like a threat at the moment...but then-
Bridhe. She had turned her attention back to Cyrus for

[01:48:38] DaJiboo : Bridhe's arms were
enough help for Rusty to sit up - with obvious effort. Water coughed out
of his lungs as the sitting position put more pressure on his chest.
His arm went to cradle Bridhe's head, slow and h

[01:48:45] DaJiboo : eavy due to the pain.
[01:48:49] Kurr has joined the chat on Sun 13 Jun - 1:48
[01:49:00] xsparky : a moment, and all
the sudden another soul was there, trying to heave the knight back to
his feet. Her hand moved robotically, without thought, for a large
broken pipe, so close to her feet

[01:49:11] ZygomaticProcess : "W-we don't know
that for certain, and he definately seemed injured..." Edgar shrunk away
from Eamon's gestures, peering out into the street once more. "Look,
there are others with him,

[01:49:26] DaJiboo : "Not- Not ... hurt...?
Good... Not hurt."

[01:50:08] ZygomaticProcess : now." He nodeed at
the street, and then called down again despite his partner's
aprehension. "Do you fellows need help down there?"

[01:50:54] YanniMorePlz : "ahh... well we
will find out shortly then how dangerous these fellows are I suppose."
*Eamon keeping a weary eye on the precession below, but staying rooted
to the spot.*

[01:51:08] xsparky : it seemed meant to
be. She weighed the pipe in her hand. Hm. Rusty did seem fairly
incapacitated at the moment. That ginger...small. Probably one swing to
the head.

[01:52:01] xsparky : Both seemed rather
tuned into each other at the moment.

[01:52:40] BewilderMe : "What?" Bridhe
looked confused for a moment, turning to look at Rusty as the man
cradled his head. There was an awkward moment before Bridhe looked up
at the stranger. His brows furrowed a little as he t

[01:52:51] xsparky : Noir moved out her
pipe free hand, pushing both her and her partner against the large
white van for cover. Not the best- but...

[01:53:07] BewilderMe : thought. "Stay
there," he called back. "We're fuckin' mutt bait until we're inside."

[01:53:30] DaJiboo : The opened doors
creaked... the towering building now open, it's insides cavernous and

[01:53:50] @ InkAbyss : "Noir... NOIR!" Cyrus
called out recognizing that odd sensation that eminated from his tick.
"Wh-OOF" Nioir pushed him against a car, "NO I am not doing anything!"
he hissed.

[01:53:56] BewilderMe : [[ I check for

[01:54:10] DaJiboo : [[ LOL
[01:54:16] ZygomaticProcess : ((roll 1d20))
[01:54:30] xsparky : (( XD
[01:54:49] YanniMorePlz : ((you roll a 1,
the bolder of never miss hit s you in the face

[01:54:50] @ InkAbyss : ((Cyrus has -5 to move
silently due to rage
<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[01:55:23] BewilderMe : [[ Shit, not
again. MEDIC

[01:55:49] ZygomaticProcess : (( <(+) ))
[01:56:18] ZygomaticProcess : ((hold on I can
only cast this twice per encounter jeez))

[01:56:27] DaJiboo : Rusty recognized that
voice.... Recognized the danger Cyrus represented. Couhging with
exertion, he stood before falling forwards to all fours.

[01:56:28] @ InkAbyss : ((Lol, Rusty's gonna
have two clerics on hand to heal him since Bob and Edgar are gonna be
there XD

[01:56:35] YanniMorePlz : ((SEFOROTH APPEARS
[01:56:57] BewilderMe : Bridhe tried to
tug the man onto his feet, patting one armored arm almost indulgently as
his sneakers skid on the ground.

[01:57:29] BewilderMe : The ginger
stumbled as the man landed on his hands and knees, frowning before
reaching up to hold his head. "Rusty, please?"

[01:57:46] xsparky : "Be quiet," Noir's
voice rang low and clear- Yes. The knight had fallen again. Her hand
left Cyrus, already creeping slowly foward as close to the water soaked
road and buildings edge as she could muster.

[01:58:27] DaJiboo : Rusty coughed again
before pointing to the van. "My sword *cough*... Get the sword."

[01:58:34] BewilderMe : [[ Fff I hope
Bridhe found a shirt.
<p class="chatbox_row_1
clearfix">[01:58:39] Raccoon Recon has been
disconnected the Sun 13 Jun - 1:58 (session timeout)

[01:58:51] @ Kurr : "....nnnnnnnfffffff,
d-d-did you hear that?" The goth looked up from his fitfil sleep,
blinking his blue eyes, irritated and confused. He and his partner had
sought refuge in this old building, ass

[01:59:03] @ Kurr : [[FFFFFFFF THE CUT OFF,

[01:59:12] @ InkAbyss : ((XDDDDDDD
[01:59:15] xsparky : (( XD

[01:59:38] BewilderMe : [[ tell us how you
really feel, Merinski
<p class="chatbox_row_1
clearfix">[01:59:46] @ Kurr : assuming it empty...but
now. "I'm ignoring it," Merinski decided, turning to face the wall, his
head flopping on the ground with grumble as he tried to slip back off
to sleep

[01:59:47] ZygomaticProcess : ((LOL Kurr xD))
[01:59:59] @ Kurr : [[ jdfhbdjgbjdf FFFFFF
-w- xDDD
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PostSubject: Re: [Archive] Your Ginger is in Another Castle. A WILD NOIR APPEARS   Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:05 am

[02:00:22] DaJiboo : [[ call Ev's ass up!
Yell at her! Run over her dog!

[02:01:18] DaJiboo : [[ by now i'm pretty
sure Bridhe would have a grown and hand-sewn hemp shirt.

[02:01:30] DaJiboo : [[ for the old-school

[02:02:04] BewilderMe : Bridhe shifted,
looking over toward the blade before moving toward it. He jerked the
blade out with some effort, almost falling back before moving back
toward the "knight"
<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[02:02:09] DaJiboo : [[ or at least
plundered a hot topic or something.

[02:02:16] xsparky : (( XD
[02:02:37] BewilderMe : [[ He is wearing a
justin beiber shirt, because it fits

[02:02:47] ZygomaticProcess : ((aughdgd oh god))
[02:02:49] DaJiboo : [[FFFFFFFFFF
[02:03:28] @ InkAbyss : Bob had not heard
the noise because he had been snoring softly in blissful sleep, but at
Mer's voice roused him a bit and opened his eyes. "Hmmmmnooo," he said
in a happily sleepy voice. Now that he was

[02:03:36] @ InkAbyss : up however, he
heard shouting and noise coming from the window leading outside,
"Merinski what's that?" he asked sitting up.

[02:03:39] xsparky : The knight was
clearly useless, and now- the much smaller male had gathered Rusty's
sword, though to return it to the Knight it meant that Bridhe's back was
now turned from Noir and Cyrus as he walked.

[02:05:15] YanniMorePlz : ((man down
[02:05:21] xsparky : Another chance not
to be waster. Noir's jumped foward, in clear view now, but only in
Rusty line of vision. Her arm raised in a quick, practised movement,
putting the movement of her jump into t

[02:05:23] ZygomaticProcess : ((yannibutts has
to go to bed :p))
<p class="chatbox_row_1
clearfix">[02:05:32] BewilderMe : [[ derp, sorry
[02:05:46] @ InkAbyss : "Rrrrrrrgh!" Cyrus
growled lowly, a way that was quiet but expressed his angery rather
effectively. He stood up and abruptly began walking in the opposite
direction Noir was heading, feeling the tick beg

[02:05:47] BewilderMe : [[ sleep well,

[02:05:49] xsparky : he swing of the
pipe, aimed for the square of Bridhe's turned back.

[02:05:59] xsparky : (( Night Yanni!
[02:06:04] @ InkAbyss : beggining to buzz but
ignoring it and pressing on...

[02:06:08] @ InkAbyss : (( NIGHT!
[02:06:16] DaJiboo : Rusty pounded his
chest with his one functioning arm, With a motion he'd done a thousand
times, he popped off his helmet.

[02:06:22] DaJiboo : [[ night
[02:06:49] @ Kurr : "Nothing. I've decided
we're ignoring it. So we're ign-n-noring it," Merinski said with a
muffled grumble, his arm over his face. "Nowlemmesleepfuckingdammit...."

[02:07:50] DaJiboo : Shaking his head to
get the water out of his hair, Rusty noticed as a flash of movement
appeared behind Bridhe. His immediate reaction- grabbing the Ginger by
the waist and falling forwards again

[02:08:02] DaJiboo : as his legs failed to
support his weight.
<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix"><p class="chatbox_row_1
clearfix">[02:09:43] BewilderMe : [[ wut so... He
grabbed Bridhe and fell ontop of him? Into the pipe? *trying to work
this out in her head*
<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[02:10:26] @ InkAbyss : Too late, Bob's
curiosity was perked, and the rolly-polly man stood up to peer out the
window, just in time to see an apparent fight break out on the street.
"OH NO! There's people in trouble Mer!"

[02:10:37] @ InkAbyss : Without even
bothering to rouse the goth or ask for permission, he was out the door
and making his way out the building to stop this catastrophe.

[02:10:46] DaJiboo : [[ he grabs bridhe by
the waist and falls forward, bridhe lands on rusty's arm and Rusty
pretty much collapses again.

[02:11:16] DaJiboo : [[ whether the pipe
makes contact or not is Spark's choice

[02:11:32] ZygomaticProcess : Edgar worried his
lip as he stared over the side of the building, gaze switching between
the figures below and the partner by his side. The red-headed boy had
said to stay up here, but... he coul

[02:11:53] xsparky : (( I left contact
choise to the one getting hit owo

[02:12:08] BewilderMe : [[ okiedokie
[02:12:15] ZygomaticProcess : couldn't just
leave them... As the noise below escalated, he turned to his partner,
his mind set. "I-I'm going down to help, you stay up here for now,
alright?" And before the irishman

[02:12:26] ZygomaticProcess : could protest, he
was back over the fire escape and descending towards the street.

[02:13:07] ZygomaticProcess : ((SELF

[02:13:27] Raccoon

Recon has joined the chat on Sun 13 Jun - 2:13

[02:13:33] @ InkAbyss : ((DON'T WORRY

[02:13:41] BewilderMe : To Bridhe's
credit, he didn't scream like a bitch as Rusty rushed toward him. He
grunted as the man caught his waist, before making a pained noise as the
pipe skid over his back in a glancing blow th

[02:13:58] xsparky : (( DERP. NOIRS THE

[02:14:40] BewilderMe : that jarred his
back and ribs. He made a noise akin to a rather unsavory curse as he
fell over with Rusty before squirming out of the man's grip and to his

[02:14:50] BewilderMe : "FUCK. You CUNT."
[02:15:36] @ Kurr : "FffffffffffFUCKING
ROBERT, WHERE--ARE--YOU---GOING, ughhhhh-----" Merinski drags himself to
feet, his eyes twitching in exhaustion. "....stop that," he mutters,
smacking himself in the side o

[02:15:37] DaJiboo : Visions of a
white-haired angel clouded Rusty's vision. The ground split in several
places as pipes seemed to jut out of the ground aggresively. The angel,
bleeding from it's forehead and wrists

[02:16:00] @ Kurr : of the head, before
baring his teeth. "Robert you bleeding heart hippie, I S-SWEAR-----" The
goth clenched his fists and glared, stomping after his partner.

[02:16:38] DaJiboo : Swung with a pipe and
made contact with the ginger's back. A star seemed to explode around
Bridhe as Rusty watched him soak the pain.

[02:16:59] @ InkAbyss : Cyrus was jogging, the
tick beginning to twinge and that unnatural, tick-induced panic making
itself known in his chest. He was pressing against the resistance,
trying to force Noir away from Rusty.

[02:17:06] ZygomaticProcess : ((cannot get over
the fact that Mer calls him "Robert" xD))

[02:17:14] @ InkAbyss : Noir may have been
healthier, but Cyrus was more experienced and had a weaker connection
with her than her with him...

[02:17:23] xsparky : The time it took
for Bridhe to struggle out from Rusty, and form his lips around a rather
rude word, had given Noir enough time to prepare for another strike.
She looked baseball pose ready. Aimed square

[02:17:56] @ Kurr : [[ IT SOUNDS PROPER AND
<p class="chatbox_row_1
clearfix">[02:18:08] DaJiboo : Still on the ground,
Rusty flipped himself onto his back and looked at the sword still in

[02:18:10] xsparky : for the gingers
mug. Her arms swung- but this time, the suprised gasp sounded from Noir.
She stumbled back, like a dog being pulled on an invisible leash.

[02:19:46] xsparky : The pain in the
pit of her stomach was increasing a lot quicker then normal. Was he
running in the opposite direction? Noir had a few choice words for

[02:19:59] DaJiboo : Rusty's armored fist
pounded into the asphalt, cracking the surface as he pulled his torso
up. Another arm now braced him against the floor as the man's murderous
green-eyed gaze fixed Noir squarely between th

[02:20:16] YanniMorePlz

has been disconnected the Sun 13 Jun - 2:20 (session timeout)

[02:20:39] DaJiboo : e eyes. "Slay the
witch! Cast her bones to the fire to become ASHES!"

[02:22:22] BewilderMe : "She's not an
angel, Rusty." Oh right. Sword. Bridhe saw that movement, and
actually reacted in time to clumsily block the pipe before watching as
she stumbled back. Bridhe was confused and relieve

[02:22:27] xsparky : (( Rustys
intimidation feat succeedes. owo

[02:22:45] @ InkAbyss : Bob hummed as he
ignored his partners grumpy yelling, Mer was obviously just grumpy from
having just woken up, so Bob heed him no mind. Soon Bob burst through
the door to the outside, maybe a block

[02:22:53] BewilderMe : relieved at the
same time. "W-what?! NO. I can't kill her, even if she is a twat!"

[02:22:58] @ InkAbyss : down from the
fight. "Hey hey! Folks calm down what's the problem!" he called out,
deciding that the fight was obviously just an argument between
aquaintences that had escalated too far...

[02:23:27] ZygomaticProcess : As he turned to
round the corner of the alley leading into the main road, Edgar
backpedaled into a garbage can at the sight of the skirmish. He
hesitated, staring out at the three figures in the

[02:23:37] ZygomaticProcess : middle of the

[02:24:29] @ InkAbyss : ((OBVIOUSLY BOB
[02:25:39] DaJiboo : Rusty continued
staring, a few coughs escaping his lungs as he cleared the last of the
water. "She is a demon, Bridhe! To attack a man with his back turned,
killing her would be no different from sla

[02:25:47] DaJiboo : ying a mongrel

[02:26:10] ZygomaticProcess : There wasn't much
he could do unarmed, and they might not even listen to him, but... The
sudden call for a ceasefire from down the street gave him enough
confidence to step forward. "Please,

[02:26:17] ZygomaticProcess : all of you, stop!"
[02:26:41] ZygomaticProcess : At least there was
someone else that shared his mindset.

[02:27:02] xsparky : There was too many
people. A fat man had appeared from one of the buildings nearby, though
he didnt look like a threat- but then, from behind the stand-off,
another walked out of the ally-way.

[02:27:14] @ InkAbyss : Cyrus paused in the
street panting and his stomach writhing. Well either Noir woudl turn
around and leave Rusty alone or he would throw up. His stomach

[02:28:16] xsparky : Noir seemed to be
pratically writhing beneath her own skin. Cyrus...she couldn't take it
any longer. Damn.
<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[02:28:29] Raccoon Recon has been
disconnected the Sun 13 Jun - 2:28 (session timeout)

[02:28:52] BewilderMe : "And she's still a
fuckin' human." Bridhe made an angry noise before glaring at
the woman, knowing full well that he wasn't nearly as intimidating as
the man in the armor. "Get out of here, bi

[02:29:10] DaJiboo : [[ LOOOL CUT
[02:29:23] ZygomaticProcess : ((hahaha))
[02:29:29] xsparky : In a swift,
unthought movement Noir threw the pipe. With enough force, but not
enough aim to be sure if it would contact with Bridhe or his partner.

[02:29:30] @ InkAbyss : ((XD
[02:29:31] BewilderMe : bitch." He
stopped, looking between Bob and the man that had yelled at him from the

[02:30:08] xsparky : She took the
movements distraction to turn heel, fleeing past the new stranger and
running as quickly as he could- damn. Her stomach was dyinngg.

[02:30:23] @ Kurr : "DAMMIT ROBERT, THE
suddenly, his eyes widening as he takes in the spectacle. Suddenly he
barks at Bob, his voice sharp. "ROBERT?

[02:30:40] xsparky : (( The worst
insult, calling her a bi XD damn. cruel.

[02:30:40] @ Kurr : WHAT THE FFFFUCK ARE

[02:31:36] BewilderMe : [[ Bridhe meant
it, too.

[02:31:58] DaJiboo : Rusty looked around,
people seemed to be pouring out of the woodworks. "Stay on your guard,
Bridhe... My eyes are clouded, do you recognize anyone?"

[02:32:00] xsparky : (( She's going to
write about this in her dairy. Just you wait.

[02:32:13] @ InkAbyss : ((XDDD
[02:32:46] DaJiboo : [[ Dear Diary, i could
have totally killed that stinking freak Rusty and that twerp Bridhe but
it would've pissed off the freshmen...

[02:33:27] DaJiboo : [[ So i didn't. Oh,
and i still hate my partner Cyrus. Good night, Diary.

[02:33:36] ZygomaticProcess : ((pfft hahaha))

[02:33:54] BewilderMe : The pipe bounced
off of Bridhe's shoulder, earning another curse and a pained noise as it
fell to the ground with a clatter. "Uggghh. Fuck." He hissed before
looking at Rusty and looking back up. "There

[02:33:59] xsparky : (( yess XD

[02:34:04] BewilderMe : is the guy that
yelled at us from the roof, that's about it."

[02:35:15] @ InkAbyss : Bob turned around
and called back to Mer, "Come on Merinski rise and shine! There's
nothing to worry about," Bob's head was turned when Noir threw the pipe,
missing the motion, only turning bac

[02:35:25] @ InkAbyss : back to see her
stalking away and the pipe on the ground. He rushed forward to meet
them, "Hey you folks okay? That seemed like a nasty argument..." Bob
said as he approached from behind them...

[02:35:30] ZygomaticProcess : Edgar stepped back
as Noir fled by him, holding out a hand but ultimately deciding it was
best to let the woman leave.

[02:36:07] BewilderMe : [[ Dear Diary
I saw a chick today. It seems they actually exist. I almost got her
to sleep with me, but Rusty interfered and sent me to my room. I hate
my life. Love, Bridhe.

<p class="chatbox_row_1
clearfix">[02:36:20] DaJiboo : Rusty blinked a few
times, attempting to clear the grime and water from his eyes. "Is the
man on the roof hostile? Are they armed?"

[02:36:38] ZygomaticProcess : He inched towards
the slowly forming group, looking between the set of injured partners
and the new, cheerful arrival. "Wh-what just happened?"

[02:37:21] xsparky : (( D'aw XD

[02:37:26] DaJiboo : Almost immediately
after asking the question, another set of voices came within Rusty's
earshot. Suddenly caught unprepared, he made a more intense effort to
at least get to his knees.

[02:37:27] BewilderMe : Bridhe shifted,
looking between the two before holding the sword awkwardly in case they
did want to attack. "No.. I don't know. Damnit where did all you
people come from?!"

<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[02:37:53] @ InkAbyss : Cyrus felt the writing
in his stomach begin to calm down and he knew Noir was on her way over.
This was not going to be nice... but he gave a sigh of relief anyway,
and on the exhale puked out what little was

[02:38:04] @ InkAbyss : in his stomach. He wiped
his mouth and moved away from the stench as he waited for Noir to catch

[02:39:26] DaJiboo : Rusty chuckled
nervously as he took in the sight of approaching people. "Language.
Bridhe.... First impressions are important. You don't want to give the
same one as the white-haired girl."

[02:39:57] ZygomaticProcess : Edgar raised his
hands instinctively, plams open and empty. "E-eamon and I were trying to
find the library when we heard the comotion..."

[02:40:20] @ InkAbyss : "My partner and I
holed up in a building for the night," Bob said, jerking a thumb in the
direction of the building Mer and he had been in, "Sorry if I'm
disturbing you, just looked like you gu

[02:40:41] @ InkAbyss : guys were in a bit
of a tussle and- ... why is the street wet here? Did it rain?"

[02:41:07] @ InkAbyss : ((I was thinking
this is a bit into second gen btw guys...

[02:41:30] BewilderMe : [[ eeh?

[02:41:40] DaJiboo : [[ Dear Diary, Bridhe
dragged in another woman tonight. His knack for seducing women has me
feeling inadequate so I made sure to lash out and send him to his room.
Good ol' fashioned discipline. Love, Rus

[02:42:00] ZygomaticProcess : ((lol))

[02:42:01] DaJiboo : [[ damnit cut 2
letters before the end fffff

[02:42:03] @ InkAbyss : ((Like, they're
adjusted a bit to their situation...

[02:42:05] @ InkAbyss : ((XD

[02:42:19] ZygomaticProcess : ((Makes sense))

[02:42:20] xsparky : Noir was still
panting heavily by the time she reached Cyrus, stopping finally as she
leant foward, resting her hands on her knees and trying to calm her
still raging insides. Her head shot up suddenly

[02:42:43] ZygomaticProcess : ((Yeah, I figured
it was a bit after our pair got out of the garage and decided to go
answer hunting))

<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[02:42:44] xsparky : , bright blue eyes
glaring into the empty sockets of her partners supposed-to-be-eyes.

[02:43:34] @ InkAbyss : ((No I mean like, a
couple of weeks XD

<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[02:43:56] ZygomaticProcess : ((Ohhh, okay))

[02:44:05] xsparky : (( Ohh..right.
Yes, It makes more sense

<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[02:44:10] BewilderMe : "No, in order to
do that I'd have to attack them from behind." Bridhe slowly lowered the
sword, the blade visibly shaking as the metal hit the pavement. "Rusty
needs help. I'm okay for now..."

[02:45:10] DaJiboo : Rusty managed a
strained laugh. "Too true, boy, too true. Now.... would someone help me

[02:45:41] Kurr
has been disconnected
the Sun 13 Jun - 2:45 (session timeout)

[02:46:51] @ InkAbyss : Cyrus couldn't see his
partner's rage, but he could sense it in a way through his tick. He
didn't say anything, but began walking with a snort of equal anger,
pissed off that she hadn't listened to

[02:46:56] @ InkAbyss : him in the first place.

[02:47:40] ZygomaticProcess : Edgar moved
instinctively over to the fallen knight, kneeling down to hook an arm
under one armored shoulder. "Where were you injured?"

[02:47:48] @ InkAbyss : "Oh you're hurt!
We should get you out of that armor then and get you some medical
attention!" Bob said, moving to Rusty's side and his strong arms and
hands reaching down to help him up.

[02:48:12] @ InkAbyss : ((Lololol EDGAR

[02:48:17] ZygomaticProcess : ((hahaha))

[02:48:41] ZygomaticProcess : ((*worry worry
fret fret*))

[02:49:02] @ InkAbyss : ((*here's some
chicken soup don't you dare get out of bed*

[02:49:24] xsparky : Straightening
herself back out, Noir takes a moment to sorely rub her hand over the
tick in her arm. If it wasnt for this device...she was following her
partner, both now walking in a raged silence.

[02:49:24] BewilderMe : Bridhe muttered
something akin to "so gay they'll shit rainbows" before shaking his
head. At least they were tall enough to get the heavy man off of the

[02:49:39] ZygomaticProcess : ((LOL))

[02:49:53] DaJiboo : Rusty resigned himself
to the two as he felt himself actually being lifted to his feet.
"Getting the armor off would be... a good idea."

[02:51:04] Kurr has joined the chat on Sun 13 Jun - 2:51

[02:51:23] ZygomaticProcess : ((wb Kurrface))

[02:51:36] @ Kurr : [[ hello, fff sorry

[02:52:02] @ InkAbyss : "Uhm, do you have a
blanket or something we should set you down on?" Bob asked concerned,
grunting a bit under the weight of the man...

[02:53:24] @ InkAbyss : ((Hmm, Cyrus won't do
much except walk angrily or trip Sparky, up to you if you want Noir to
do something ;w; or we could leave it at that...

[02:53:27] BewilderMe : "Sure, let me pull
it out of my ass. How about we get out of the street before something
decides to eat us, first?"

[02:53:54] ZygomaticProcess : ((pffft Bridhe

[02:54:13] DaJiboo : Rusty gave a weak
smile as the pudgy boy asked him the question. "I was wearing everything
i had with me when the reservoir emptied. And if there was water, the
insides of that building must be in good conditi

[02:54:17] DaJiboo : on"

[02:54:40] xsparky : (( Umm...leave it
at that now, I thinks :3 Its time for sleep

[02:54:51] BewilderMe : [[ sleep well

[02:54:51] @ InkAbyss : ((Kay!

[02:54:58] ZygomaticProcess : ((night!))

[02:55:07] xsparky : (( Night! owo

[02:55:31] @ Kurr : [[ night night!

[02:56:01] ZygomaticProcess : "That's, ah. Yes.
We'll head there for now, then" Edgar mumbled, a bit embarrased that Bob
seemed to be supportng the bulk of Rusty's weight. Damn his noodle

[02:56:24] DaJiboo : [[ good time to end

[02:56:29] @ Kurr : [[ ummmmmmmmmmm gotta
write something for Ink real quick on aim, PRETEND MER ISN'T CONCERNED
OR SOMETHING, eerrrr fffff -w- xD

[02:56:33] @ Kurr : [[ BRB <3

[02:56:41] DaJiboo : [[ will post in

[02:56:51] @ InkAbyss : ((You wanna end
it? Ohkay...

[02:56:53] BewilderMe : [[ awesome

[02:57:00] @ Kurr : [[OH OKAY

[02:57:07] DaJiboo : [[?

[02:57:09] BewilderMe : [[ No Bob, you
don't get to see Rusty's n aked, sexy body.

[02:57:10] @ InkAbyss : ((Well,
Dirgerunners if for chatbox continuity, shouldn't you post it in second

[02:57:11] ZygomaticProcess : ((cool cool :V))

[02:57:19] @ InkAbyss : ((BOB IS SAD

[02:57:21] BewilderMe : [[ That's for
Bridhe alone.

[02:57:21] DaJiboo : [[ Trust me his abs

[02:57:27] @ InkAbyss : (( HE WAS HOPING

<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[02:57:32] ZygomaticProcess : ((pfffft hahaha))

[02:57:41] DaJiboo : [[ will post in second

[02:57:42] BewilderMe : [[ HAULING AROUND

[02:57:45] @ Kurr : [[ lol xDDD

[02:57:55] DaJiboo : [[ Fo'SHO

[02:58:11] @ InkAbyss : ((Whoot, you can
label it [C-BOX LOG] :3

<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[02:58:12] BewilderMe : [[ You know Bridhe
is probably a total creeper, and then he's all "ew, Rusty's like my

[02:58:25] @ InkAbyss : ((XD

[02:58:40] ZygomaticProcess : ((lol oh Bridhe))

[02:58:52] @ InkAbyss : *disengages Bob

[02:58:53] ZygomaticProcess : ((you charming
little ginger scamp))

<p class="chatbox_row_1
clearfix">[02:59:05] DaJiboo : [[ Lolllll I like to
think of Rusty as .... Idealistic to the point of stupidity when it
comes to romance.

<p class="chatbox_row_2
clearfix">[02:59:18] BewilderMe : not age-wise,
attitude wise.

[02:59:19] BewilderMe : fff

[02:59:21] @ InkAbyss : GOD BOB'S KINDA

<p class="chatbox_row_1
clearfix">[02:59:42] BewilderMe : is charming another
word for "perverted manwhore"?

[02:59:56] ZygomaticProcess : lol

[02:59:58] @ Kurr : xfhvbdhjbhj 8,,,DDDD

[02:59:59] DaJiboo : i think it's a word
for horny.

BewilderMe : Either way, RUSTY

[03:00:39] DaJiboo : anyways.... night
gurls. had a good time rping tonight. MORE SOON

[03:00:54] ZygomaticProcess : night!

[03:00:56] BewilderMe : NIGHT JIB
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PostSubject: Re: [Archive] Your Ginger is in Another Castle. A WILD NOIR APPEARS   

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[Archive] Your Ginger is in Another Castle. A WILD NOIR APPEARS
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