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 Tiffy's Charecters

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Tiffy's Charecters   Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:29 am

Name: Lai - The name she gave herself since she couldn't remember her own, derived from the word 'Lie' as she figured no matter what she called herself it would be a lie so that is what she named herself.

Gender: Female
Age: 20

Lai has Light blue/gray hair, dark brown, wide eyes. She has a rather skinny figure and bags under her eyes from lack of sleep, her hair is in a messy side ponytail for convenience. Was thrown into the pit wearing denim shorts which are covered by a long off the shoulder purple sweater/jumper. She isn't wearing shoes upon arrival in The Pit

Personality: -Autistic Lai is generally rather quiet and doesn't give new people too much eye contact. If she does find someone she likes, she will literally cling to them, follow them around and insist that that she has to be touching some part of their body or clothes. When she is with someone she is familiar with or knows she can be rather curious, asking questions and making statements on her own view of things.

She seemingly has little to no fear, since she doesn't understand the concept of being afraid. She doesn't understand the concept of danger or consequence. Her reason for doing things is usually classified as "Because it's easier that way."

Mannerisms: Always plays with a piece of red string she carries around, a symbol that she has to 'remember something' she is always fiddling with it, tying it, undoing the knots then retying it again. When she is frightened, annoyed, worried or distressed she will focus solely on the piece of string despite her surroundings.

Curls herself up into a ball and screams if there are too many loud noises.

When she meets new people she will do one of two things, stare at them or avoid them and ignore their existence completely.

Likes: Fire, Her Red string
Dislikes: Loud Noises, unfamiliar settings, Yellow things

Background Lai was born in England, raised in the upper middle class lifestyle, althoughLai lived in a very closed off world, being Autistic, she went to a special school, and excelled in art. She loved it and had a passion for it, despite her extreme dislike of the colour yellow. IT limited her pieces somewhat, causing her to paint in shades of blues, purples and reds, since she refused to use any colour that yellow 'touched'

Lai's real name is Mille Arkwood, yet after being captured and thrown into the pit her name. Why was she chosen? Who knows? Perhaps the scientists wanted to see how a being with a mental condition such as hers acted to the drastic change, and environment she was dumped in.

Classification (Genetic) Sensitive hearing can hear things from really far away, the downfall is
that loud things distract and hurt her to the point where she will curl
up into a ball screaming. On the plus side, she can be easily altered to approaching danger, however she doesn't normally see it as such and simply brushes off the sounds

Partner: Currently Rafael
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Tiffy's Charecters
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