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 The Terrible Adventures of Cat-Dog

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PostSubject: Re: The Terrible Adventures of Cat-Dog   Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:13 pm

His extended arm lingered for a moment, fingers still spread and body slightly curved in the aftermath of the throw. As if posing like the star quarterback, the mime reaching for the invisible rope, the worst attendee at a game of charades- too transfixed on Nyll's next actions to move. The world in slow motion. The only expression the newfie could muster was one of panicked anxiety, obviously running the words 'Don't drop it Don't drop it Don't drop-' over and over in his mind as Nyll's hand finally came down on the rusted metal pole.

Roric's arm lowered, but didn't return to his side. Instead, his hand was hovering, over his stomach, a sudden, twisting feeling forming at the center. He grit his teeth, distracted, as in front of him, his partner was creating a lovely toothdog shish kabob. It wasn't an overwhelming feeling. No; It was like the old ache from the rooftop; A growing, gnawing feeling that warned of worse to come- Without really realizing it, his mind is automatically flipping through the words of his grandmother, trying to sort through all the remedies and cure's the wise old Newfoundland woman had ever bestowed upon his tiny, child self. He'll figure something out for a mild stomach ache later.

He leant back on the cracked, rough surface of the building, looking back up to realize that the genetically altered woman was now towering over Westwood. If Roric was more in tune with his newly granted animalistic self, he may have been more aware of the dominance Destiny was trying to express. His old human self, however, was much more in tune with the fact that there was an unclothed woman prancing about. Keats's eyes raise from behind his glasses to meet hers when attention is back on him- and responds with nothing better than a feeble smile and slightly confused silence. Submissive enough in the way his mind decides annoying the woman too much might be a bad idea- man, just look at that tail- He doesn't want to meet the same stabbed fate of the toothdogs around him. That idea created, it's quickly pushed away so he can go back to watching Destiny's backside as she turns and heads over to one of the corpses. Yeah. The moment of smart idea's is completely forgotten.

Roric stepped over to another body, crouching to wrap his arms around the great beats body and lift it halfway. Blood's already making its mark all down the side of his arm, the creatures fur is filled with it from a gaping hole in its chest thanks to Destiny. He hoists the rest of the animal under his arm, making a small motion with his head for Nyll to listen to the woman and grab the last (Mika's still standing there. But it's not the right thing to have a young lady trying to haul dead bodies around. Uh...she looks a little shaken up, anyway). The motion feels familiar in a strange way. He's hunted before, carried the heavy prize back home- he just can't remember it.

Still lost in everything that just happened, where they are, what's going on- the naked girl seems to have a better grasp on things. He nods, responding shortly, "Uh...aye..."
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PostSubject: Re: The Terrible Adventures of Cat-Dog   Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:28 pm

"W-What are you going to do with those?" Mika felt lightheaded, like she was hovering somewhere over her own head and looking at the scene without any anchor. The air stank, making bile crawl up the back of her throat once more as she breathed in slowly. The woman fought the urge to vomit again, shaking as she stepped away from Destiny's burdened form.

The corpse was staring at her.

She had never seen anything actually die before (She thinks, anyway). Those glassy eyes staring back at her over her partner's back made her spine shudder, hands reaching up to grip her own shoulders once more as she bit her bottom lip. Mika looked away, swallowing thickly before reaching up to wipe away the tears that had been streaming down her face unnoticed.

"Where are we going to sleep? M-Maybe there's a hotel nearby? And... And a phone?"
A phone? And call who? Something nagged at the back of her mind as she tried to remember just who she would call if a situation like this arose. A nervous look was given to the others, the men and the woman who stood there in her glow like a dysfunctional family watching a television. Only this family was covered in blood. And Mika was nowhere near home. "I... Can I help?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Terrible Adventures of Cat-Dog   Tue May 17, 2011 9:09 am

A chill ran down Nyll's back, briefly bringing up the hairs on his neck as he stared steadily back at Destiny, a slight scowl on his face as she looked down at him. He did nothing more, as it wasn't completely clear to him what her thoughts were, but he didn't like the look she gave him.

Nonetheless, he took note of Rory's gesture and rolled his eyes once, low into his eyelids with a huff of his breath. The red-haired man, now covered in red as well, bent to pick up the hind leg of a dead toothdog. After the rush of adrenaline began leaving his body and sick and weak replacing it, he had little strength to carry it on his shoulder, and didn't want to anyway.

He lazily dragged the lifeless thing across the floor. Heavy as it may be he was determined to continue dragging it that way because he wanted that odor as far away from him as possible.

Nyll paused briefly at Mika. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to tell her anything or if Destiny was supposed to. Not because he thought Destiny was now 'pack leader', but because he wasn't sure how weird these crazy women were and what he was 'allowed to say'. Green eyes flitted towards Destiny once before he looked at Mika.

"I guess you could take that last one," Nyll didn't think like Rory did. He's never been particularly kind to women. Everyone was the same to him and it wasn't like he was going to go and haul two dead things just because Mika was scared and was a female. He'd punch a man. He'd punch a woman. Same thing for everyone, right?

Though he probably wouldn't punch Mika in case he got impaled by tail spikes.
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PostSubject: Re: The Terrible Adventures of Cat-Dog   Fri May 20, 2011 2:07 pm

She did not like the look on Nyll's face either.

She was not able to tell whether he was bending or whether he was being indifferent. She knew she would have to keep a very close eye on this one; he seemed a little firey. Maybe it was just the hair, maybe it was the cat slits in his eyes. Maybe it was just the fact that he had those two together along with the expressions to match and a very angry demeanor.
The slouch inh his shoulders while he pulled the corpse of the animal suggested a very reserved personality, maybe even hostile to beings.

Beast on her back, she walked, the blood dripping down her bare body, following her legs and leaving behind bloody footprints. To any normal persojn this might have been a slight bit disturbing, but it seemed she was more concerned with the group at hand and the fact that Nyll looked like he might revolt.
She thought about Roric; he simply looked like he wasn't the brightest bulb in the gang. Kinda like Mika, in a male version.

Mika offered herself to help, and before Destiny was able to say anything the feline had already replied; she paused, watching him very carefully, unblinking. She narowed her eyes at him, stabbing right though him with her stare.
"We...." she thought about her sentence, her mouth still slightly open at the block. "We need to...find....a place to sleep. A..a um....a place to hide the...." she motionned towards the corpses "The...the food." It seemed a real challenge to make a proper and flowing string of words. So she stopped, turned heal again, trotting ahead of the gang, keeping an eye out for anything out nof order.

She lead in silence, occassionnaly shooting a look back at every body that followed her.
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PostSubject: Re: The Terrible Adventures of Cat-Dog   Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:29 pm

"...uhh. Yeah. Loike, roigh' C-Bchommyt'ing h'or..sum shi', loike..."

Roric's absent-minded reply to Mika's questioning trailed off as he turned his head, glancing back and forth again around the tall, towering buildings of the city surrounding them. Destiny at least seemed to have an idea of where they should all be moving to (or at least looking for). He wasn't really expecting to find a hotel or working phone like Mika had suggested at this point. No...even the fleeting idea that had been nagging at his brain before...the feeling that there was someone he was supposed to have meet or been in contact with- had now gone entirely missing from the Newfoundlanders mind. So he began walking, diligently trailing behind Destiny now with toothdog corpse under arm.

Unlike his tick partner- who was trying to drag the dead body as far from himself as possible- Roric didn't seem to be minding the disgusting stink of the dogs bloody fur at all. He had to shift the weight of the monster around in his arms a couple times, but Roric walked on, carrying the toothdog in almost the same way one might carry a living dog. His head had dropped down- distracted for a long time in studying the dead thing.

He played with the snout, lifting the gums up over those sharp pointed teeth, rolling the dogs head around and using his thumb to push open one of the lids to check out the now faded red colouration of the eyes. The same colour as his own (though Roric had no idea of this, yet). The hand not wrapped around its body ruffled through the inky black fur, before, with slight apprehension, touching the largest tooth of the creatures chest-mouth...what the hell was this thing?

"Urh...'Ey," Keats glanced back up, turning his head to Mika. He took a small side-step to walk beside the woman, his voice lowering slightly, head giving a small tilt to motion towards thier new 'group leader' walking up front, "...she's...uh, luh...gurls, loike..."

He didn't exactly know what he was trying to say; little own how to word it. Destiny was obviously not human. But Roric wasn't exactly trying to find out if the creature handing out orders was alien or crazy or he just wanted to point out the obvious to make sure he wasn't crazy...he didn't know where had had been going with that. He gave up on the sentence, deciding to talk about something he could figure out better.

"...uh. Io'm Roric, Keats. Ass Nyll, suckin' 'hin' tit. Hah. Uhh...yeah. Yuh two..uh...jus' wake h'up 'ere too, gurl, eh?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Terrible Adventures of Cat-Dog   

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The Terrible Adventures of Cat-Dog
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