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 Bridhe and Yanni [Sci-Fi]

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PostSubject: Bridhe and Yanni [Sci-Fi]   Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:48 pm

snipergibbles101 (1:11:58 AM):Ok, Bridhe i to buy you drink so to what you like?
BridheDance (1:12:12 AM):Tequila.
snipergibbles101 (1:13:21 AM):...
snipergibbles101 (1:13:31 AM):uhh, Conway to get some of that shits please
snipergibbles101 (1:13:39 AM):and I to want vodka... and some rum and coke
BridheDance (1:13:50 AM):Both?
snipergibbles101 (1:14:03 AM):Da
BridheDance (1:14:40 AM):I
thought it was too early. *chuckles a little as a shot of tequila is
set in front of him* Thanks for trying to drag me off to the doctor,
snipergibbles101 (1:15:42 AM):He, man was joke
snipergibbles101 (1:15:47 AM):bc is space and sun is all over
BridheDance (1:16:45 AM):*snorts* Not according to standard time. *shot*
snipergibbles101 (1:17:06 AM):Ha *takes a shot of each*
snipergibbles101 (1:17:19 AM):But I cannot to tell time less is digital so is not matter
snipergibbles101 (1:17:25 AM):I to smashed wall clock
BridheDance (1:19:04 AM):*snorts, raking the shot glass back and forth with his good hand, broken one resting curled up on his thigh.*
BridheDance (1:19:31 AM):That Zwolf guy is something else. He's the guy I punched. *laughs*
snipergibbles101 (1:20:03 AM):Man... he to be bigger than me!
snipergibbles101 (1:20:13 AM):*shot* I to think tiwce to take on... well no
snipergibbles101 (1:20:24 AM):I to think once and then to make it quick fight
BridheDance (1:20:54 AM):He held back, I know it. It was kinda of disappointing, really.
snipergibbles101 (1:23:53 AM):heh
snipergibbles101 (1:23:59 AM):*shot* that to be expected
snipergibbles101 (1:24:05 AM):to no offense Bridhe but you be small
snipergibbles101 (1:24:18 AM):... but you to be about same size as my pilot so i to not be suprised
snipergibbles101 (1:24:37 AM):pilot to not to be big n strong, is optional
BridheDance (1:25:19 AM):I didn't realize your pilot was small. But yeah, I guess it makes sense.
snipergibbles101 (1:25:49 AM):Heh, he to not get out much, he to hate people and to stay and to plot thing all day *shot*
BridheDance (1:27:49 AM):*shot* I would go nuts staying by myself all the time.
snipergibbles101 (1:29:13 AM):Ahh, yea man is why i to hang out with you new guys so mauch
snipergibbles101 (1:29:23 AM):people that to work here are too busy and no fun
snipergibbles101 (1:29:33 AM):the young are very fun to be around
BridheDance (1:29:42 AM):I guess we are still too fresh to get weathered by all the fighting.
snipergibbles101 (1:30:20 AM):You to not see worse of fighting, These days is Fenrir, old days was to be fighting man for claim of stars *takes a shot*
snipergibbles101 (1:30:53 AM):Err, ut Fenrir to be very scary death i to hear
snipergibbles101 (1:31:12 AM):But I to not pay attention much, is not what I to fight most of times
BridheDance (1:31:23 AM):Yeah
I avoided fights like the plague when I scouted. Sometimes you can't
avoid it. *he shrugs before looking back at Yanni* Mostly people, huh?
snipergibbles101 (1:37:19 AM):Da
snipergibbles101 (1:37:24 AM):*takes a long shot*
snipergibbles101 (1:37:37 AM):I to fight other pilots and their AD, was long time ago
BridheDance (1:39:39 AM):Huh... Does that still happen?
snipergibbles101 (1:40:01 AM):mmm I to not to say
snipergibbles101 (1:40:16 AM):You are to be new generation where i to hope that such thing to not happen anymore
BridheDance (1:41:17 AM):I
wouldn't want it to happen. I would if I had to, but I don't think I'd
like it. Then again, it all depends on how this fighting turns out.
People will be the same, on planets or in spac.e
snipergibbles101 (1:42:26 AM):.... Da, but it to be hero like you new pilots to make example for people not to act like my brother
BridheDance (1:43:23 AM):Fuck,
you know I'll try my damnedest not to fight other ADs, right? I don't
think I could stick with an AD who believes otherwise.
snipergibbles101 (1:43:36 AM):Heh
snipergibbles101 (1:43:43 AM):I to believe in to kill people
snipergibbles101 (1:43:58 AM):But is more of have to do thing
BridheDance (1:44:25 AM):You have a pilot, though. We can just BS about what we want because we're not fighting together as partners.
snipergibbles101 (1:45:35 AM):*shrugs and shots*
snipergibbles101 (1:45:47 AM):I do not to think I to want anything
snipergibbles101 (1:46:13 AM):Want to make money, but what is point of money in long run... really you to knoweed?
BridheDance (1:46:44 AM):*another
shot as well, he's getting a bit of a buzz* I was talking
figuratively, but... fff Money. *shrugs* Depends on who you are. Some
people think it's security.
snipergibbles101 (1:47:29 AM):Is so too have nicced life... err in later life
snipergibbles101 (1:47:35 AM):for shitty beguining life
snipergibbles101 (1:47:41 AM):to kill LOTS of other people
BridheDance (1:48:31 AM):Is it really that nice of a life, though? *shot*
snipergibbles101 (1:50:51 AM):I to think not
BridheDance (1:51:21 AM):There isn't much choice for you though, is there? *hums softly, he really doesn't want to be talking about this while drunk*
snipergibbles101 (1:52:12 AM):Mmm I to be good at job
snipergibbles101 (1:52:32 AM):and isss not to like-ed to change passst so is not matter
snipergibbles101 (1:53:01 AM):Besides, I do to enjoy to win fights, and to win fights for my mates
BridheDance (1:53:40 AM):You enjoy it?
snipergibbles101 (1:55:53 AM):fighting,
yes, man I do not need to kill to destroyy an AD man, must to badly
damage it, usually quicker to do that than to fully destroy
snipergibbles101 (1:56:49 AM):but,
I do to have problem that I can to vaporize small shits with
BridheDance (1:57:47 AM):Man, I don't want to be on the receiving end of your dick if we have to fight.
snipergibbles101 (1:58:56 AM):Hhaha
snipergibbles101 (1:59:03 AM):Yes that to be good decision
snipergibbles101 (1:59:22 AM):but i usually to not hit small shits, they have to be far away and stupidsand not to be moving to die
BridheDance (2:00:08 AM):Yeah, I'll probably end up in a "small shit". *chuckles a little, taking another shot before humming softly again*
snipergibbles101 (2:00:21 AM):Man small shits to be very good
snipergibbles101 (2:00:36 AM):but my country to not believe in small shits so i to be big shits
BridheDance (2:02:31 AM):I was born a small shit. *grins crookedly* Some people really like small shits, heh.
snipergibbles101 (2:04:10 AM):Hehehe
snipergibbles101 (2:04:43 AM):I
to like-ed my womens to be small shits, I to think small men to have
small penis haha *leans over, he smells very drunk* You to have small
penis Da?
snipergibbles101 (2:04:55 AM):Come on now to defend self
BridheDance (2:05:59 AM):*another
shot, slamming that glass down before he snorts, glaring back into
Yanni's face as he half-leers up at the older man. He smells almost as
bad himself* Why you wanna know, big guy. I thought you weren't sly?
snipergibbles101 (2:06:42 AM):OH no, not to like that you to stay away from my ass small dick
snipergibbles101 (2:07:10 AM):hehe
BridheDance (2:07:25 AM):*laughs, almost falling backward before sliding off of the stool* Man, my dick is just fine, you fucker.
snipergibbles101 (2:07:41 AM):*shots* hahaha is good to hear
snipergibbles101 (2:07:57 AM):man I to want girl with big tits, and to fuck-ed very hard
snipergibbles101 (2:08:23 AM):*shots*
BridheDance (2:08:39 AM):Fuck
tits. Hips are where it's at. Hips and ass. Fuck, a girl with a tiny
waist and big hips? *grins, pulling himself back up before taking
another shot*
snipergibbles101 (2:11:17 AM):Man, big ass is good, to want-ed something nice to bash into
snipergibbles101 (2:11:33 AM):and small waist and big hips to grab onto man
snipergibbles101 (2:11:48 AM):just go go go *shot shot shot*
BridheDance (2:13:29 AM):*he
snerks a little, resting his head against his unwounded arm on the
bar. He's not nearly as hardcore as Yanni it seems, fff* I mean, I
like fuckin' guys, too... Really I think if I click with a person that's
all that matters, huh? Age, sex, fff... Species. *he snortlaughs
before forcing himself to sit up again*
snipergibbles101 (2:14:26 AM):((is Bridhe thinking about Yanni? is he really? daww
BridheDance (2:14:38 AM):[[ Huh? Not really
snipergibbles101 (2:14:38 AM):((lol
BridheDance (2:14:54 AM):[[ I dunno who Bridhe is thinking about right now. Ffff Maybe?
BridheDance (2:14:58 AM):[[ Hah
snipergibbles101 (2:14:58 AM):Why you want to fuck old man now too?
BridheDance (2:15:18 AM):*snorts* Depends on the old man, fuck. Sometimes it's not age, it's experience.
snipergibbles101 (2:15:40 AM):Ahhhh
snipergibbles101 (2:16:05 AM):I to see point, is like to fuck older chick bc she to be very good, da da I can agree
snipergibbles101 (2:16:20 AM):but man, you cannot to be too rough with old
BridheDance (2:16:29 AM):Fff Yanni you like cougars? *laughs, another shot*
snipergibbles101 (2:16:36 AM):is like, nice young girl, you can to flips aroundz in shitz
BridheDance (2:16:39 AM):I don't think I have to worry about getting too rough.
BridheDance (2:16:40 AM):ffff
BridheDance (2:16:50 AM):Could you see me trying to flip a chick around?
snipergibbles101 (2:18:57 AM):ummm
snipergibbles101 (2:18:58 AM):mmmm
snipergibbles101 (2:19:00 AM):errrrr
snipergibbles101 (2:19:02 AM):*SHOT*
snipergibbles101 (2:19:17 AM):*makes a very scrunched up whisky face*
BridheDance (2:19:26 AM):Whhhaaat? *sniggers* You at a loss for words, big fuck?
snipergibbles101 (2:19:32 AM):No
BridheDance (2:19:39 AM):Imagining a little shit like me fuckin'?
snipergibbles101 (2:19:42 AM):To wonder how painful it to watch you snap dick off
BridheDance (2:20:01 AM):Fff... 'M tougher than I look.
BridheDance (2:20:12 AM):You jus' dun wanna think about me fuckin' someone.
BridheDance (2:20:23 AM):With m'freckledick
snipergibbles101 (2:21:57 AM):Pff
snipergibbles101 (2:22:24 AM):man nowt to goowd pornnnnnn ifz to haz no dickzz
BridheDance (2:23:54 AM):It would have dicks, you jackass.
snipergibbles101 (2:24:06 AM):NO shitz!
BridheDance (2:24:12 AM):You know, I'm gonna fuck a guy and videotape that shit and leave it for your ass.
BridheDance (2:24:18 AM):just so you can have twice the fuckin' cock.
snipergibbles101 (2:24:27 AM):Leavinnnn in ma Asss?
snipergibbles101 (2:24:53 AM):Man why i to want to watch fucking of small cock?
snipergibbles101 (2:24:57 AM):hahaha
snipergibbles101 (2:25:00 AM):*shots*
BridheDance (2:25:24 AM):My cock is just fuckin' fine, you fuckin' horse *shot*
snipergibbles101 (2:26:41 AM):See? iz vewry drI pornnn youw toooo make-ed... man you to have freckleed dicks?
snipergibbles101 (2:26:51 AM):Is thats to scare menn away?
BridheDance (2:27:57 AM):Ffff....
Fuck you. *climbs onto the stool, wobbling a bit before dropping trou
right there in the middle of the bar* You fuckin' happy? There's
m'fuckin' dick f'yer.
snipergibbles101 (2:28:29 AM):*the mug Yanni is holding*
snipergibbles101 (2:28:50 AM):*is now shoved onto Bridhe's dick, Yanni does not look... or even aim for that matter*
BridheDance (2:29:57 AM):*laughs,
falling back off of that stool into a pile on the floor, bouncing and
sprawling while laughing like a manic... Auuugh That had to have hurt,
and probably fucked his hand up more*
snipergibbles101 (2:31:15 AM):HAHAHA*SCCSNORT SPUTTER*
BridheDance (2:32:07 AM):FffFFfffFUCK
YOU MAN. *laughing too hard to notice, Bridhe is too blitzed to notice
anything right now as he tries to pull up his pants awkwardly. Yeah,
he wouldn't be able to put off going to medbay tomorrow*
snipergibbles101 (2:32:42 AM):HA*jumps off his stool kinda awkwardly
snipergibbles101 (2:32:51 AM):*he grabs Bridhe pants and runs out the door*
BridheDance (2:33:32 AM):*his
hand snaps out, latching onto Yanni's ankle as he runs off, attempting
to jerk it back toward him as he rolls onto his stomach*
snipergibbles101 (2:33:41 AM):*or through it as he dosnt stop to open the dooor*
snipergibbles101 (2:34:00 AM):*MMMMM DRAGING BRIDHE WITH HIM YEP*
BridheDance (2:34:37 AM):*lets go in the middle of the hallway, too drunk to properly do anything about it as he flops on the carpet witha groan*
snipergibbles101 (2:39:04 AM):*CRASH*
snipergibbles101 (2:39:11 AM):ow.... fucking door...
snipergibbles101 (2:39:30 AM):*barrels into the hall and stops*
snipergibbles101 (2:39:40 AM):Come on little dick! to come to get pants
BridheDance (2:40:49 AM):*little dick can't fuckin' walk, man.*
snipergibbles101 (2:42:12 AM):hahaha
snipergibbles101 (2:42:29 AM):aaahhhh hehe ahhh is too funny but i to think conway get mad about door
BridheDance (2:42:46 AM):*okay
yeah he can. he's on his hands and knees before wobbling to his feet
with a snortaugh* Fuck, man... I think I broke something. *laughing*
snipergibbles101 (2:43:40 AM):Man... YOUR HAND .... *RAGE RABBLE*
snipergibbles101 (2:43:51 AM):I TO FORGET TO BRINGED TO DOC TO FIX
BridheDance (2:45:35 AM):...
I need my pants, man. Fuck. *staggers to Yanni, before finally
slumping against him with a snort* Then take me to the damned doctor,
big shit.
snipergibbles101 (2:45:53 AM):Heh, ok man
snipergibbles101 (2:46:16 AM):*tosses him the pants after humiliating him in front of passerbyers*
snipergibbles101 (2:46:27 AM):I to go to pay conway then we to stagger to Docs
BridheDance (2:47:02 AM):*probably wouldn't care even if he were sober. Awkwardly pulls his pants back on before staggering after Yanni*
snipergibbles101 (2:47:51 AM):*comes back out stumbling* Well he to be very rude... To doctor!
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Bridhe and Yanni [Sci-Fi]
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