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 ZOMBIE PLOT: Leave Your Altars and Run For Cover

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PostSubject: ZOMBIE PLOT: Leave Your Altars and Run For Cover   Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:58 am

[00:56:32 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *blinksand shrugs and takes a step away from Roric towards Nyll*
[00:56:36 12/09/10] xsparky : Da' las'one, uh, din' roigh' soun' loike a crackie, b'y.
[00:56:59 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Fuck. Double fuck. TRIPLE FUCK. Ben goes for his half loaded gun... only to find he'd left it behind.* Ahhhh FUCK. Today of all da days?
[00:57:03 12/09/10] teadrinker : *really hopes it has nothing to do with them, but has a feeling... it will*
[00:57:13 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : Shit, that you Ben?
[00:57:18 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *lowers his gun*
[00:57:39 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Yes, afraid partner---actually, have you seen a woman by the name of Pa--- *he stops, listening to that sound, his face looking crestfallen*
[00:57:48 12/09/10] teadrinker : *blinks at Xander for a moment* What am I going to cover you with before you get dry...
[00:58:08 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : Ain? *Looks back to see Jack not too far away* Ouais. *Cocks his head a bit* Ya sleep any?
[00:58:37 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : I had to *knits his eyebrows*
[00:59:00 12/09/10] @ Kurr : ....mmm. That's worrisome.... *he looks to Roric apologetically* ....if you'll excuse me son, I best be going...she can handle herself, but I still have half a mind to be concerned for her safety.. *and with that he turns to stride down the street*
[00:59:13 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *then looks around nervously, trying to calculate how many streets away the noise was*
[00:59:14 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *skittering down that scrap pile to watch the road curiously, idly talking to whoever's nearby* Huh, wonder what's up with the dogs?
[00:59:32 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : Heh. Dat's good. *Squints his eye a bit. NEVER MIND HE'S TUSSLING WITH AN ALTER. HI JACK* ... mais, ya hear dat howlan a bit ago?
[00:59:46 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : .... what are you doing.
[01:00:01 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : And of course I heard it how could I miss it?
[01:00:23 12/09/10] xsparky : Urr'. Prolly jus' sum more shi' 'appenin'- uh, sure b'y. *Stands, waving to Hammond, before tilting his head to the air, sniffing, hoping to smell something reassuring and not another crazy bat or dog or mutant chipmunk god knows what creature*
[01:01:09 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : ... >.[ Nuttan. *Looks around* I dunno. Sometimes, I tink I'm hearan dings.
[01:04:16 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *hhhhh people and his stomach is still growling Xander begins to trot off*
[01:04:24 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : ... *back to bitching and fighting with that alter fhsdajfk*
[01:04:50 12/09/10] teadrinker : *even if he wants to give Xander a coat or something it's not like there's that sort of thing around* *follows Xander*
[01:10:19 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *is heading towards where he knows a food drop is*
[01:11:33 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *heading over to the lake, then, since it seems like that's where everyone is hanging out today. But then there is Hammond and Xander, so he blinks and waves to them as the head out* Hullo
[01:13:03 12/09/10] xsparky : ... *Urrr. Nice. His happy hanging out time is horribly cut short as all three people walk away from him at the same time* Urrr. *Turns, and then decides he'd rather trail after Nyll and Xander all creepy like instead of just standing beside the lake alone with a halfbuilt boat*
[01:13:23 12/09/10] teadrinker : Are we going where food is?
[01:13:44 12/09/10] teadrinker : ...Roric? You comin' too? *he already is*
[01:14:41 12/09/10] xsparky : ...yeah. *grins lazily* Prog soun's gud- Oh, 'ey T'eo.
[01:15:56 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *Well he didn't intend for everyone to follow him BUT HE NODS YES TO NYLL ANYWAYS* ... *falls back enough to trot closely to Nyll head down*
[01:16:02 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Hey Roric! So, I guess we're heading out then?
[01:16:41 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : Mmmmmmerd. *Yes. Kicking the alter. HOLY OBJECT, YOU GET A KICK IN THE PANTS*
[01:17:05 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : You need help with that...?
[01:17:56 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : ... ah. Ouais. |[;;;
[01:19:15 12/09/10] xsparky : Pu'in t'roigh's a gunny fer sum prog, T'eo, b'y. Luh. Lo' o'hus be, loike, folly'en Xander 'ere. *nodding with a grin, while following Xander and Nyll*
[01:19:37 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *starts up the stairs--*
[01:20:20 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *AND SEVERAL DOGS RUN BY, practically pissing themselves*
[01:21:06 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : hfjkdfssafsd *damn near jumps out of his skin SWEARS AND THROWS SALT AT THE DOGS EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE LONG GONE NOW*
[01:22:23 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *Startled, Hammond narrowly avoids those dogs, going to reach in his pack for his hammer---before realizing these dogs..were running not AT HIM or anyone else...but AWAY from something so it appeared....he steps out from the alley, more than a bit disturbed by this notion*
[01:22:49 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Prog huh? *shrugs, is content to go wherever other people are going. So he starts trailing at the back of the group*
[01:22:51 12/09/10] teadrinker : *pats Xander on the head*
[01:22:55 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : MARY MOMMA-AH JAYSUHS-- DA FUCK WAS DAT?!
[01:24:25 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *he hears that stream of curses---looking up down the street where Jack and Ben were nearby* ARE YOU ALRIGHT? *he barks somewhat gruffly, striding toward the sound of the yelling*
[01:24:41 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : Yeah they went right past, fuck.
[01:24:53 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : They're never scared of shit *WATCHES THEM RUN*
[01:25:00 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : ....
[01:25:20 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : NON! *Freaked out bitch mode. It is on* DEM DOGS JUS'... did whad... dey never do...
[01:25:41 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *hand on Ben's face*
[01:25:53 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : shut the fuck up, swampfag.
[01:26:00 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : B[;;; *Okay. BEN. DO YOU LEAVE YOUR ALTER AND RUN FOR COVER OR RI-- hfjkfds*
[01:26:03 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : fhajdfhkasjfsd
[01:26:06 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : We need to move out of here.
[01:27:09 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *he smiles slightly at their bickering---before nodding* I agree. It's..clear they were running FROM something...
[01:27:28 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Mmm. Such is luck. | \;;;
[01:27:39 12/09/10] @ Kurr : .....
[01:27:54 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : hhhhhh-- *blind flailing at Jack* Not whidout mah alter, non.
[01:27:59 12/09/10] xsparky : Heh. Clear t'ing. Uh..roigh'. *Scowls lightly. Ben and Jack- somewhere not so far off, his heightned hearing is catching all that cursing and screaming. A little concerned. But...y'know. There's usually a lot of bad shit happening out there.* Nyll, b'y, yuh 'ear de'lo' 'owlin' ou'ere?
[01:28:54 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *fidgets and glances towards where the other group is*
[01:29:48 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : ... Alter B/
[01:29:53 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Son, I doubt the dogs or anything else is going to be too concerned with your....*he eyes the thing* ...alter. Stash it if it makes you feel better, then we should go. Really.
[01:30:06 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : Leave it here no one is going to touch your "alter"
[01:30:26 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : Ouais. Alte-- 'OW I KNO' DEY AIN'T GONNA PISS MARK ALL ON IT, AIN?
[01:30:29 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : D.<
[01:30:33 12/09/10] teadrinker : Yes... I do hear it...
[01:30:48 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : ... *anxious fidget*
[01:31:05 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Mmmhh. Something going on up ahead?
[01:31:11 12/09/10] teadrinker : It seems it really is going to become something we might have to deal with...?
[01:31:54 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *grumble, runs a hand through his hair* When you hide it just put it in a high enough place where no dog can----... mmm. *he reaches over, grabs the thing and starts dragging it into the nearest building* B|;;;
[01:32:23 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Talking about it isn't yielding progress either way.
[01:32:41 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *another dog careens by, smacking into the altar and yelping before running/sliding/scrambling away again*
[01:32:44 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : ... *oh. Well. FUCK YOU, MR. I'M-NOT-A-WALKING-STICK-FIGURE-AND-HAVE-SOME-MUSCLE-ON-ME*
[01:32:48 12/09/10] xsparky : Urrr. Shoul' we go ta' a roigh' gawk? Soun's loike, uh, chommyjigger. Io knows ehm bu' Io dun', eh, b'y. Err. H'only loike a roigh' gunsho' 'way, Io t'inks.
[01:33:02 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : ...
[01:33:15 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : SEE?! DEY TOUCHED IT, WHAD I TELL YA?!
[01:34:04 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *Tugs Nyll's hand SHOULD WE BE HELPING*
[01:34:26 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *more bitching and flailing SHAKES A FIST AT THAT ONE DOG*
[01:34:37 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : >.||||
[01:34:40 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *drag drag, grumble grumble*
[01:34:50 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *HERE SOLDIERBOY WILL HELP*
[01:34:57 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *arms in air* WELL FINE DEN. *helps drag the alter*
[01:34:57 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : B/ Ben?
[01:35:07 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : You're nucking futs, swampfag.
[01:35:21 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Thank-you gentlemen.
[01:35:55 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : An' yer knockan nuts, Jack. *grumble mutter*
[01:36:57 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *yeah. GUESS WHO LOST HIS LIGHTER THIS MORNING?*
[01:39:05 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *starts scooting up to the front of the group, gonna go take a look since everyone else is still debating what to do* Hey! Need some help up there?
[01:39:08 12/09/10] teadrinker : Er...
[01:39:29 12/09/10] teadrinker : *I HAVE NO IDEA XANDER 8| SHOULD WE?*
[01:40:19 12/09/10] xsparky : *Follows after Theo, giving a wave to the odd three- dragging some wierd altar thing around the street* Uh, 'ey, b'ys.
[01:40:53 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : Mmmnnnnn *quickly sets out towards the others* |<
[01:41:17 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : ...
[01:41:26 12/09/10] teadrinker : *sighs and follows*
[01:41:27 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : Da hell ya'll come fro'?
[01:41:41 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *WH-- WHY SO MANY PEOPLE. AAAAA.*
[01:42:17 12/09/10] @ Kurr : ...ah. They were at the lake earlier...did you boys hear that commotion? B|?
[01:42:24 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *grumbles something about knocking something and finally shoves the alter in a garage for some kind of street shop.*
[01:42:27 12/09/10] xsparky : *points over shoulder* Lukes ber'. Uh. Heh. We wa'takin' a roigh' tri'fer, loike, prog 'n shi'- bu', uh, yuh wa' 'avin' a roigh' fi' or sume'tin ehn de stree', sooo.
[01:43:17 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *ffff makes sure the stupid thing isn't dinged up too bad*
[01:44:04 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *something clicking/dragging/grinding down the road a bit*
[01:44:43 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : ... *tiiiiilts head slightly. Fuck. Is he hearing shit again?*
[01:44:46 12/09/10] xsparky : Aye. *nods* Heh. Taugh' sumt'ine migh' be h'up wid h'all de barkin', eh? Loike a roigh' gurried guns- Eh, b'ys? *Sorta lost track of what he was saying, looking over his shoulder to the sound*
[01:45:11 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *freezes, stiffening*
[01:45:38 12/09/10] @ Kurr : .....
[01:45:47 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : ... mais. Sumting's up alright. *Narrows his one eye to glare down the street*
[01:45:54 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Yeah, something like that... *looking around, reacting more to the other's apprehension that the sound, really*
[01:45:58 12/09/10] @ Kurr : I think it would be wise to keep moving. Higher ground, preferably. B|
[01:47:23 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : Yeah we... We need to move.
[01:47:30 12/09/10] xsparky : Huh? S'no' h'one o' dose wicke' crackie t'ings. We shoul' go ta' a roigh' gawk, Io t'inks, b'y. *Smiles a little, stepping forward slightly. The idiot is seeming less 'omigodIshouldrunnoise' and more 'this could be something good'*
[01:47:34 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *motions towards building*
[01:47:41 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *he's personally scoping out hidey holes*
[01:48:20 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *NYLL, RORIC, you smell that? it smells like raw sewage, death and chemicals.*
[01:48:36 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Hand in one of his pockets, clutching one of his bundle of herbs and muttering under his breath*
[01:49:24 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *he's keeping his eyes and ears open, his hand slightly behind him---ready to reach into that backpack at the first sign of trouble* Everyone here? was that everyone at the lake from earlier..? Mm.
[01:49:26 12/09/10] xsparky : URHHH- Nevermin'. *His wrinkles his face, sticking out his tongue, and quickly turns on heel away from the smell* Come'on, b'ys, Io h'agee. Le's ta' a roigh' wing.
[01:49:30 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *something sounds vaguely meaty as it hits a wall and DRAGS.*
[01:49:40 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Torn between Thomas Clan curiosity and his own personal impulse to RUN THE FUCK AWAY FROM EVERYTHING EVER*
[01:50:21 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *flinches at that sound, eye widening. OKAY YEAH. BACKING INSIDE OF THE BUILDING NOW*
[01:50:24 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Yeeeeaaaah, okay, let's get out of here *Fffff, following people away from whatever is making that noise*
[01:51:43 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *the hairs on his arms prickle at that sound* .......don't go upstairs..quite yet. It would be worse for us all if we were trapped on an upper level, we need to find out what is making this...nnn.... 8he trails off, pressing himself to a wall, hammer in hand*
[01:52:33 12/09/10] @ Kurr : It would be different if this were just dogs but....something tells me...otherwise.... *grumble mutter, half to himself*
[01:52:40 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : Fuck. We don't want to get cornered. Just get back this way and I can cover *motions towards escape way to lake*
[01:52:50 12/09/10] teadrinker : Igg...
[01:53:15 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *nnnnnnn kinda frozen in indescision*
[01:53:48 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Bumps against his "borrowed" alter and grits his teeth.* Mais... whad if it outruns us...?
[01:54:05 12/09/10] teadrinker : Something smells like shit, but not entirely. Just freaking rotten.
[01:54:12 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : No hesitation, move, let's go, I'll worry about it outrunning anything. *flips out knife*
[01:54:19 12/09/10] xsparky : *Has a hand over his nose. This isn't fun at all. Not looking pleased, and mumbling something about a smell worse then the bottom of the boat*
[01:54:24 12/09/10] teadrinker : *crinkles up his nose and covers it, his spirits, if any, wilting*
[01:54:40 12/09/10] teadrinker : *shudders*
[01:54:56 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Don't want to get cornered..? Reddd... *soft, lilting voice, mocking* You're quite the speedy learner now aren't youuu...?
[01:55:04 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *GUNBITCH AT THE BACK DOOR*
[01:55:07 12/09/10] @ Kurr : B)
[01:55:21 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *begins shuffling back towards where jack poin fhjkl;ashdfjgasd ksadf KARLYLE YOU ASS*
[01:55:23 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *it gurgles, revealing itself as three things with massive clawed hands, knucklewalking like gorrilas... it's unclear what their bodies might have looked like at one point.... men? monsters...?*
[01:55:27 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Eye flicks towards Xander. Fuc-- fhdjfksd WHIRLS AROUND AT THE UNKNOWN VOICE*
[01:55:58 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : ... oh fuck me. *hisses through his teeth*

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PostSubject: Re: ZOMBIE PLOT: Leave Your Altars and Run For Cover   Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:00 am

[01:55:59 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *hfjaskdfhsdkf OH GOD NEVERMIND WHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE THING* Merdemerdemerde
[01:56:20 12/09/10] teadrinker : Shit.
[01:56:26 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *BACKS AWAY FROM KARLYLE*
[01:56:27 12/09/10] xsparky : ...urgh.
[01:56:42 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *fairly BARKS his next order.* SCATTER, thoise things are slow
[01:56:47 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Jesus tits-- *fff backpedalling now, staring at whatever the hell is shambling toward them*
[01:56:49 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *not my type atm sweetie. Too warm. <3*
[01:57:03 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : take your chances dodging around them, get up and take to the canopy, MOVE.
[01:58:19 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *SKITTERS AWAY LIKE A GOOD CITYRAT*
[01:58:19 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Don't have to tell him twice. Ben all but sprints like all of Hell is at his heels. Far as he's concerned, Hell is not only at his heels, but knocking on his front door*
[01:58:40 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *TOTALLY IGNORING THE STRANGER, Hammond takes one look at the "creatures", recognizing them with a jolt immediately----and starts ushering people to safety as quickly as he can*
[01:58:42 12/09/10] xsparky : *Is stepping backwards- and then nods to the shout* Sure, b'y! *Scatter. Good idea. Roric sprints to the side, his still turned slightly, eyeing the others, wanting to make sure everyone else is on the move, too*
[01:58:59 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *one reaches out a hand and sweeps it at Ben as he goes past*
[02:00:06 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : FUCK--! *The thing's hand grazes his side, his long coat getting snagged on its claws*
[02:00:44 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *now that it has his coat its movement changes and it becomes a bit faster, though still jerky, trying to pull him down*
[02:01:25 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *his manic navy eyes dart around, and he grins through his tangled mass of brown hair, crawling up to perch on a banister like some demented gargoyle* Playyyytime little bitches. <3
[02:01:43 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Cussing like a little bitch, trying to scramble away before logic kicks in. Right. Loose the coat, loose the monster*
[02:02:13 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *THREE. THREE REDHEADS. AH-AH-AH. Jack's eyes dilate and he's trying to figure out how to draw attention from anyone else...*
[02:02:33 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *so he whistles, loud as he can, and hopes it reaches anyone nearby*
[02:03:18 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *indeed. Ben has caught his eye for the time being as the hobo flees---the Italian slooowly tilts his head, grin getting wider*
[02:03:36 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *moving automatically, anywhere away from those things, chanting a mantra of "shitshitshit" when they start going after people*
[02:04:07 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *scrambling around/through rubble because that's what he's always done to hide before*
[02:04:26 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *and he hops off the staircase, striding outside. Oddly enough, it seems the creatures do not bother him really, as he walks among them with a certain eery nonchalance*
[02:04:35 12/09/10] teadrinker : *temporarily loses sight of Xander and is worried, not too much just a bit* *Where's Roric*
[02:05:29 12/09/10] xsparky : *To your left, Nyll. He's sorta slowed his sprint, yelling at Ben* B'Y! WA'EH! *Yes. How helpfull*
[02:06:17 12/09/10] teadrinker : Those things look crazy disgusting.
[02:06:43 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *BITCH, THAT DON'T EVEN MAKE SENSE. He's kicking away from the... thing now, praying in his native, bastardized French*
[02:06:57 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *swings another claw to pin Ben*
[02:07:06 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : oh FUCK no.
[02:07:14 12/09/10] @ Kurr : KID, WHAT ARE YOU---*the veteran spots Xander as the small boy attempted to hide himself, and without warning, Hammond barrels over the rubble, scooping the teen up and running out the building with him*
[02:07:43 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *...into the street.* .....B|;;;;
[02:07:52 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *takes a run at Karlyle... and jumps up to use his shoulders as a vault to get to the building just above.*
[02:08:09 12/09/10] xsparky : Loike roigh' guffies- ro'eed h'all tu shi' ehn mushed h'up wid bloo'ee gu's- urghh *rambling now*
[02:08:17 12/09/10] teadrinker : *sees Hammond take off with Xander and not knowing what's going on, runs after Hammond* Hey wai--
[02:08:44 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : WAH! *HE DOES NOT LIKE SUDDEN GRABBING and he struggles in Hammond's arms*
[02:09:22 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *had followed Ben, one of his grimy hands reaching out to snag the man by his reddish hair. His eyes widen and he smirks viciously* Helllllllo theeeere-- <3 HM?
[02:09:39 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Weird... did it just quiet? No. Someone's screaming. Oh, wait... it's him. Shit. Does he always sound like he's about to piss himself? As if of their own will and mind, Bens hands and fingers scramble up, attempting to grouge out the creature's eyes*
[02:09:51 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *his head snaps up, spotting Jack as he vaults up the buildings* Tch! Little Red...
[02:10:12 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *it appears to be handing Ben OVER to karlyle*
[02:10:27 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Only to be snagged by Karlyle*
[02:11:13 12/09/10] teadrinker : Man.. guy! *doesn't know Hammond's name* *WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH XANDER 8|*
[02:11:19 12/09/10] xsparky : Urhh- SHI'. *Nyll's bounding after Xander and Hammond. Roric, still running forward- was honesltly planning on helping Ben in a better way then just shouting. He's almost by the three when the zombie thing just hands Ben over to...whoever that is* ...?
[02:11:19 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Fffffff-- dicksdicksdicksdicksDICKS *scrambling up a nearby fire escape, hoping to find something to toss down onto the creatures and crazy guy*
[02:11:26 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *STRUGGLE*
[02:11:29 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *the other two are now shambling towards Hammond and Xander and Nyll and Roric... as best they can.*
[02:11:30 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *yells over the commotion to the boy in his arms* YOU CAN'T STAY IN TH---shit--- *he sets Xander down, turning behind him to look at the spectacle, horrified*
[02:11:45 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *The man looks up at the Italian, pupil a pinprick of black in his green murky iris.*
[02:11:47 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *one stops to look up at Theo dumbly*
[02:12:02 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *and to start SHAKING THE LADDER*
[02:12:33 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *JETS away from Hammond eyes wide*
[02:12:35 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *And. He. Giggles.*
[02:12:38 12/09/10] teadrinker : *reaches Xander, no time for anything else* That's right we have to get away *okay so Hammond was just trying to help* SHIT some are coming after us.
[02:12:48 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : SUP, BABY, BABY, BABY BITCH~?
[02:12:57 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : ....
[02:13:11 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *was going to jump down but now he's just dumbfounded*
[02:13:20 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *surprised for a moment---before he shrieking giggles back* Ohhhh---
[02:13:25 12/09/10] @ Kurr : You seem like fun. <3
[02:13:47 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Aughg fuck you, you slop bucket! *clinging on, trying to haul himself up further between being jostled around*
[02:13:49 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *Nevermind taking out the monster GERONIMOOOOOOOO*
[02:14:13 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *and it flings Jack back against the wall with a skillful backhand*
[02:14:27 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : Maaaais-- *hands strike out to grab Karley by the throat* Ya don' evan kno' da half of it <3
[02:14:41 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *SHAKESHAKESHAKE it's making gurgly gorilla noises at you too theo LOOK IT JUST WANTS TO PLAY AWWW<3 yeah as if*
[02:14:57 12/09/10] xsparky : *Stops in his tracks, too. Face still all screwed up, way too close for comfort to the zombiething beside Ben and Karlyle- but the giggling and words between the two are just as confusi- Oh. Bens going to strangle that one. Dandy.* URR-
[02:15:39 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *third one keeps on towards hammond and the direction Nyll and Xander went in... but as iut gets further from the other its movements become jerky, clumsy....*
[02:16:21 12/09/10] teadrinker : *notices this, sort of* It's not coming after us as fast. Hurry run somewhere! *we already are*
[02:16:43 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *oh god is this metal conductive? Well, anything's better than being a ragdoll for... whatever the hell is grunting at him right now. Hi, have some electric current being introduced to that ladder*
[02:16:57 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *freezes panting at the side of the street and picks up a chunk of rock the size of a baseball and chucks it at the gorillazombie before running after the others*
[02:17:12 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *his grin falters for a moment, clearly a bit surprised at Ben's boldness----but he reaches his other hand in Ben's hair, attempting to rip him off of him*
[02:17:37 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *it jerks, the ladder snaps and it falls backwards immediately... the others also jerk and something under the surface YELLS. it sounds human.*
[02:17:58 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *yeah the rock tips that one over in its shock*
[02:18:34 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : Aaaaaw. DON' BE DAT WAY! *Grins manically as he tightens his grips, nails digging in. Any and all pain is now but a distant pipe dream of humanity*
[02:19:20 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : T'OUGHT DAT YA WANTA'D TA PLAAAAY
[02:19:47 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Snickers, dropping his head to his chest for a moment* Ya started it~
[02:20:00 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Brings his head back up and HEADBUTTS Karley*
[02:20:14 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *has stopped to watch Karley and Ben for a moment*
[02:20:32 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *NO YOU FOOL THE TIPPED ZOMBIE IS GETTING UP*
[02:20:46 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *his head snaps back, nosebleeding slightly from the impact* Heh. <3
[02:20:59 12/09/10] @ Kurr : You know Ben..... *he coughs*
[02:21:05 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *meanwhile, waiting for his cracked ribs to heal.*
[02:21:14 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : YA START DA HATE AN' DA SINGAN AN' DEN WE ALL GOTT--
[02:21:23 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *wait fuck how does he know Ben*
[02:21:25 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : ...
[02:21:41 12/09/10] @ Kurr : If you're a gooood little brotherrrr~
[02:21:44 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Tilts his head to the side, curious expression on his face*
[02:21:45 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *ROCKCHUCK AT KARLYLE though at this distance it's not that accurate*
[02:21:46 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Awh shit-- *fuck fuck kicking off the ladder as it falls, trying to land somewhere AWAY from the gurgling thing on the ground*
[02:21:48 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *he slowly slowly smirks*
[02:21:59 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *fried zombie smells disgusting and burnt and... gets tipped over from second rock*
[02:22:00 12/09/10] teadrinker : Xander let's go!
[02:22:04 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *good job, Xander*
[02:22:04 12/09/10] teadrinker : *TO THE FORT. WHEREVER THAT IS*
[02:22:33 12/09/10] @ Kurr : We might let you see someone....
[02:22:46 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Someone you...
[02:22:59 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Somewhere, far back in his head, Ben screams and wails and begs for mercy, for a final death. But the Ben strangling Karly only giggles again*
[02:23:00 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Miss? <3
[02:23:23 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *HI HAMMOND SJDHB I'M PLAYING YOU TOO*
[02:23:51 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *determined face takes a couple steps forward and chucks another rock at Karley face a bit wild but determined*
[02:23:56 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : I'm sorry, the number you have dialed is currently out of service please call back later or...
[02:24:05 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : DIE NOW MUTHAFUCKKA
[02:24:14 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *the other zombie, the untipped one grabs recovering Jack... and throws him at Xander*
[02:24:29 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : 8D
[02:24:35 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *he runs past Xander, hammer raised at the fallen zombie* GOOD JOB KID---- *brings that hammer down on the creature's head*
[02:25:16 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *ONE THOUSAND FML'S REPEATED LIKE A MANTRA AS HE SAILS THROUGH THE AIR and falls short because zombie arms suck*
[02:25:24 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *kifhjbdshjf DAMMIT---looks back JACK BEING THROWN AT XANDER, SDJFHB*
[02:25:42 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *jumps back but Jack doesn't hit him*
[02:25:48 12/09/10] teadrinker : *BLOCKS IN FRONT AND PUNCHES--I MEAN--TRIES TO CATCH HIM*
[02:25:50 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *yeah something crunches and he still springs back up*
[02:25:51 12/09/10] xsparky : *Was still just standing. Caught in the 'what' of the Ben and Karlyle- his head perks back up, there's rocks being thrown near him, aimed for the one talking to Ben. Right. Zombies. Running. Something.*
[02:26:07 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *to run back at Karlyle and Ben*
[02:26:36 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *moving to football tackle that persistent sumbitch*
[02:26:40 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *he chokes as Ben's grip tightens, that own manic grin of his still plastered to his face---and attempts to KICK BEN OFF OF HIM, rolls back on his back, KICK TO CHEST AND TORSO*
[02:28:35 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Squeals like a pig and tumbles back as he's kicked off, only to spring back at the Italian, hollering about telephone wires and lost signals*
[02:28:43 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *Xander, Jack, unhurt. OKAY. BACK TO PUMMELING THAT ZOMBIE'S HEAD IN* GODDAMN, WHY WON'T YOU DIE.
[02:29:28 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *hobbling back to his feet, and back towards the fight* Jesus, what the hell
[02:30:13 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *eyes wide, he giggles and sticks his tongue out at Ben as the hobo comes screaming back to him*
[02:30:19 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *whisper*
[02:30:30 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Ohhh, Benny~
[02:30:31 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *ROCKSMASH AT KARLYLE'S HEAD*
[02:30:39 12/09/10] teadrinker : Xander what are you doing come back here let's just run!!
[02:30:49 12/09/10] @ Kurr : But what about Drake...? <3
[02:30:55 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *KIHJDKDS ROCK TO HEAD*
[02:31:24 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *PULLS XANDER OFF*
[02:31:28 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : NO
[02:31:30 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Pauses as Karley is hit by Xander. Looks at the kid*
[02:31:30 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : MOVE
[02:31:34 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : BACK.
[02:31:46 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *GRINS WIDE, ADVANCING TOWARDS HIM AND JACK NOW*
[02:31:57 12/09/10] xsparky : *Okay. Maybe he should really be helping now. Roric growls lightly, he was already standing pretty close to them, moving to aim a punch at the stranger who has just been rockattacked* B'ys. Shu' yuhr pra'es 'rea'y-
[02:32:01 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *okay now kinda freaking out he drops the rock practically hyperventallating and starts to run back towards Nyll*
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PostSubject: Re: ZOMBIE PLOT: Leave Your Altars and Run For Cover   Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:01 am

[02:32:08 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *the claw weakly smashes at hammond*
[02:32:13 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : HEEEEEEY. WHO WAN' TA PLAY WHIT DA SICK PUPPY, MAIS?
[02:32:19 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : fuck.
[02:32:26 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : Everyone GET OUT.
[02:32:29 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : 8DDD
[02:32:47 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *lol not running anywhere, backs off a few steps*
[02:32:53 12/09/10] @ Kurr : You little---- *sits up to grab at Xander---but then suddenly Ben breezes past him, advancing on Jack and the kid instead*
[02:33:16 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : Oh. Mais, I fergot bout mah old lady--
[02:33:23 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *the zombies finally collapse, twitching... and something else gurgles below*
[02:33:32 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *spins to kick Karlyle in the jaw*
[02:33:37 12/09/10] teadrinker : Xander that was not smart! NOT SMART!!! *Nyll yells as he runs holding the boy's legs*
[02:34:31 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *his fingers twitch, hammer covered in thick black "blood" as he stares down at the zombie, breathing quickly*
[02:34:43 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : GOOOOOOOAL! *arms in the air, laughing so much his entire body is shaking*
[02:34:45 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *OOOF is picked up by Nyll and clings to him as he's being carried away*
[02:34:51 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Oh what---
[02:36:15 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *okay, backing away from whatever is going on here, still trying to keep track of the others, though*
[02:36:16 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *HEAD SNAPS BACK AGAIN---and he falls over, a new fresh trickle of blood streaming from his mouth as he bit his tongue*
[02:36:34 12/09/10] @ Kurr : HEEE. <3
[02:36:37 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : ((I wonder how Karlyle's jaw is doing...
[02:37:50 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : Now den! 8D *Turns back to where the others are standing, the ones that are still near by that is*
[02:37:55 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *YEAH DUMBEST MOVE EVER, he's gonna grab the berserker*
[02:38:25 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *he jumps up on all fours----eying Ben with with a weird, manic hunger---but instead...swings his head around*
[02:38:44 12/09/10] xsparky : *Looks up- urrr. Ben's looking a little crazy...*
[02:38:45 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *hfjsad JACK. I AM EV AND I AM SO SHAME OF YOU JACK*
[02:39:40 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *BUT BEN IS NOW CACKLING AND GOING AFTER JACK'S ONE GOOD EYE* Eeeeey, Jacko.
[02:39:52 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : YA WANNA TRADE?
[02:39:57 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *hoarse, wicked whisper* Hello sweeeetie~
[02:39:59 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *drops and is FLIPPING YOU*
[02:40:03 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : What the fuccccck *ffff swings a kick at the crazy spider-man-thing crawling after him*
[02:40:13 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *GRABS HIS LEG*
[02:40:19 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *DRAGS HIM CLOSE* <3
[02:40:36 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Do you like gaaaames...?
[02:40:43 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : FUUUUCK SNAP OUT OF... NGH THEO ah shit fuck damn ANYBODY? BACKUP?
[02:40:44 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : *Clings on like a nicotine stain*
[02:40:54 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : D8> *THUMPING NYLLS BACK WE SHOULD BE HELPING*
[02:41:01 12/09/10] Raccoon Recon : I DID SNAP 8D
[02:41:13 12/09/10] teadrinker : What what? *was concentrating too hard on running to safer place*
[02:41:26 12/09/10] xsparky : *Turns his head- ugg. Ben and Jack now fighting- and Karlyle going after Theo- moment of 'shit where should I-' before bounding over, stomping on Karlyles back with a growl*
[02:41:26 12/09/10] teadrinker : *sets Xander down*
[02:41:48 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *POINT with wild face trembling a bit*
[02:42:07 12/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *arhghf stumbles back, shaking his leg, trying to dislodge Karlyle* Get off holy shit you're crazy
[02:43:22 12/09/10] @ Kurr : I do so very much.... loooove.. GAMES. <3 *he pulls up Theo's pant leg, biting down hard on that freckled leg---before wincing and looking up. HELLO RORIC*
[02:44:06 12/09/10] teadrinker : *looksat where Xander is pointing and sighs* Yes.. I suppose... Ugh. UGH.
[02:45:3612/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *YELPSand swings his leg wildly again, this time accompanying the kick withan electric jolt*
[02:46:07 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *Eyewidens at that flame, and he bursts into more laughter*
[02:46:56 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : SET ME ONFIRE!
[02:47:1212/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *takesthis time to PISTOLWHIP THE CAJUN*
[02:47:2112/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *staringand trembling*
[02:47:47 12/09/10] xsparky : *dgjhe.And fire now. FIRE. Roric snarls, raising his leg to stomp ontoKarlyle's back again* shi', shi', shiii'-
[02:48:45 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *gurglesa bit. Sounds slightly like a radio being tuned to another station*
[02:49:13 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *howodd---Theo's jolt doesn't seem to affect him too much, only causinghim to tremble for a moment---before he flips around, reaching up tograb Roric's leg, completely releasing Theo*
[02:49:22 12/09/10] @ Kurr : BAD
[02:49:25 12/09/10] @ Kurr : DOG.<3
[02:49:3912/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *yeahsetting you on fire now Karlyle*
[02:50:0012/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : BESTLET THEM BOYS GO, YOU SORRY GOAT.
[02:50:02 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : ... whichmuthafuckas wanna see my dogs die?
[02:50:15 12/09/10] xsparky : *Urr.Maybe this was a bad idea.* Urgh- *Roric face is clearly saying this,trying to pull his foot away*
[02:50:21 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *ajolt of electricity now runs up Roric's leg--before suddenly heSCREAMS, flames licking his body*
[02:50:32 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *gigglesnortsbefore his eye rolls back*
[02:50:4312/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *pullingben back and away from burning corpses and crazy fight and IS GOING ALITTLE CRAZY HIMSELF fuck touch empathy, fuck it hard. with a rake*
[02:51:00 12/09/10] xsparky : *SHIT.FIRE. Roric is screaming. His leg is still being held by this flamingcreepy stranger- and electricity and oh god-*
[02:51:2012/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Woahshit-- *hopping back on his uninjured leg away from the suddenlyburning man* Jesus, Roric!
[02:51:2912/09/10] @ Kurr : ARGHHHHHEEEHHEEEE----*he rolls, jumping to his feet as he dives into the nearest building*
[02:51:41 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : NAH!*sprints and tackles Roric away from Karlyle*
[02:51:5512/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : KID.
[02:51:5812/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : NN.
[02:52:0712/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *looksfor some way to get down the ladder fast*
[02:52:18 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *HASHIM BACK IN HIS ARMS, DON'T WORRY, SDKJHF*
[02:52:23 12/09/10] xsparky : NNNG-*Really. Not much understood here. He's on the ground and trying toroll, his leg is on fucking fire-*
[02:52:56 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *Blinks,eye going back to its normal, dull clarity. A mix of expressionscrosses over his face before Ben's own scream joins the clamor*
[02:53:30 12/09/10] @ Kurr : [[oh DERRRP
[02:54:11 12/09/10] @ Kurr : [[that fire is OUT. EXTRA DAMN GOOD.
[02:54:22 12/09/10] xsparky : *fffff.Fire out by damp jacket or backpack or whatever Roric isnt reallypaying attention he's just going to lie on the ground now with hishands grasping stupidly over his head* nnggurhhh-
[02:54:36 12/09/10] xsparky : ((Huzzah :''D
[02:54:5212/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *jogsout the door.*
[02:55:1212/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : Damn...damn I didn't mean t' getcha too... m' a little rusty... ffff*holding his hat on*
[02:55:3212/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *stillkinda collpased... hasn't let go of Ben*
[02:56:14 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *Flailsand tries to push himself away from Jack-- and all he can see of Lukefrom the corner of his eye is his braid*
[02:56:15 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *he'srolling and writhing and screaming on the floor, putting out the fireas best he can--before barreling out the opposite exit of thebuilding---he rushes to the nearest manhole in the pavement, wrenchesopen the portal and dropping down to the depths below with a dullsplash*
[02:57:3812/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : holdstill you crazy fuck-- *is totally shaking and... just lets go with asmall choke. his own hands go to the back of his neck and he tries toget ahold of himself*
[02:57:4212/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *staringat Roric on the ground and crosses his arms over his chest wishing hehad more clothes on even though he has a shirt*
[02:57:4412/09/10] @ Kurr : *breathless,panting, his eyes flicking from Xander to Roric to Theo* ARE YOUALRIGHT..?
[02:58:15 12/09/10] xsparky : *Moreincoherent mumbling. Going to take a moment or two to recover frombeing electrocuted and set on fire all in one attack*
[02:58:39 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *There'sanother swirl of emotions before Ben... scrambles off to the side topuke up his guts*
[02:58:51 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *reachesinto his backpack, offering Roric a bottle of water* Here son.
[02:59:0312/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *wouldbe joining you if he could move*
[02:59:1912/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Eeerh,kinda. *limps over to Roric and drops down beside him* Christ.Thanks, man. *and a nod of thanks to Luke too before he staresdumbfounded around at the aftermath of the fight* ...what the hell...
[02:59:4012/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : A'ight,we'll take care of medical first, questions later... *offers a handup to Theo*
[02:59:58 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *sitsdown abruptly trying to control his breathing*
[03:00:09 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *At leasthe's stopped screaming now. Very hard to let out all one's pent upemotions when they're vomiting on the pavement*
[03:00:54 12/09/10] xsparky : *Hestretches out his hand to shakily take the waterbottle, beforepicking himself up off the pavement and carefully rolling to sit up*
[03:02:5112/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *takeshis hand gratefully and pulls himself up*
[03:03:59 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *clutchesonto the small bag hung around his neck once he's done, muttering andchanting to himself*
[03:04:3112/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *looksover to the other two and knits his eyebrows... decides to leave thembe for the time being, considering.*
[03:06:00 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : ...*Looks back over at Jack and speaks to him, voice hoarse*
[03:06:25 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : Mais...mebbe we shouldda left dat alter in da street.
[03:06:28 12/09/10] xsparky : *Tiltsback his head, taking a fair gulp of water before holding it back toHammond* t'anks.
[03:06:30 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *bitterchuckle*
[03:07:0712/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *putshis hand on Ben's shoulder... and fights the urge to puke*
[03:07:1212/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *reachesmeekly for his Jacket on Roric's leg*
[03:07:2012/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : s'...why voodoo sucks, swampfag.
[03:08:33 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : ...Ouais. *Shrugs off Jack's hand. He knows you're an empath kid,doesn't wanna fuck you up more*
[03:08:41 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : Mebbe itdoes...
[03:08:5212/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *nowtilts his head to Hammond.* Mind givin' me a little help with theseguys?
[03:09:1212/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *offershis hat to Xander* Mind lookin' after this fer me, kiddo?
[03:09:38 12/09/10] xsparky : *Tenseswith a little hiss of air to Xanders movement, before reaching downhimself to the jacket and giving it to the kid*
[03:10:23 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Noproblem, kid... *he takes the bottle back, staring at it for a momentbefore handing it off to Theo. Turns to Luke* Sure thing. *walks overto the cowboy, running his hand through his hair again in thatstressed fashion of his, brow contorted in thought*
[03:11:02 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *Furrowshis brow before he removes the bag from his neck. He opens it andpulls out an old, dirty coin from it before he swings the bag by itsstring and lets it sail free, through a broken window of a brokenbuilding in a broken city*
[03:11:0812/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *faltersas Roric hisses at him, freezing, but takes his jacket quickly whenoffered and getting into it as fast as he can* *he then looks up atLuke, looking a little dazed, and takes the hat slowly from him,pressing it to his chest*
[03:11:2312/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *keepsit there because he knows you know--*
[03:11:2512/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : ...
[03:11:59 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *Tucksthe coin in his back pocket and stands (wobbly) with a shrug*
[03:12:3112/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *smilesto the kid and tries not to look at the other fellas.* I'll get Theo'ere, y' get him. *gestures to Roric*
[03:13:4212/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *willask about that coin later, for now he wants to curl up and not-sleepsomewhere. stands, also shaking, but his ribs have healed a bit*
[03:13:4612/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *takesthe offered waterbottle and take a little sip*, I better notget crazy-rabies...
[03:13:5112/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : fuckme, that sucked.... ssssffff...
[03:14:33 12/09/10] @ Kurr : *henods firmly, going over to Roric and gingerly sliding and arm underthe Newfie's shoulder, hoisting him to his full height* Think you canwalk far enough back to base, kid?
[03:14:39 12/09/10] @ Kurr : Igotcha...
[03:14:4012/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *frowningat his bitten leg. seriously. what the hell*
[03:14:41 12/09/10] @ Kurr : ....
[03:14:47 12/09/10] @ Kurr : I'msorry, what was your name..?
[03:15:13 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : Mhn...*Pats his other back pocket and pulls out a crumpled pack ofcigarettes.* Mais, Jack. Ya gotta light? Lost mine dis mooran.
[03:16:00 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : ...*just sitting there staring at ground knees and hat pulled to chest*
[03:16:1212/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *reachesin his (stained) pocket to show the bits of his only lighter... thething that crunched when he fell*
[03:16:24 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : ...
[03:16:2812/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *kneelsdown*
[03:16:29 12/09/10] xsparky : B'y,Io'm, uh, roigh' gud. No' niche or nuddin'- Uh. Coul' roigh' go forsum h'oil, 'ough. Heh. *Nods with a tired smile, now leaning onHammond and nodding*
[03:16:3612/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : Hey.Kiddo... want a ride back....?
[03:16:54 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *Sighsheavily before chuckling bitterly once more*
[03:16:56 12/09/10] xsparky : Uh,Roric, b'y.
[03:16:5912/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : *grinsand shakes his head* sorry, Ben...
[03:17:06 12/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : Igot one back Home.
[03:17:08 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : Mais.Jus' our luck, eh?
[03:17:15 12/09/10] RaccoonRecon : *Tiredsmile*
[03:17:2512/09/10] @ CenturioSenex : Yeah...shit luck.
[03:17:38 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : *shakeshis head quickly and stands up meekly*
[03:25:39 12/09/10] @ InkAbyss : ...*he's still hungry*
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PostSubject: Re: ZOMBIE PLOT: Leave Your Altars and Run For Cover   

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ZOMBIE PLOT: Leave Your Altars and Run For Cover
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