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 Raging Fire, Dying Embers [LOG--discovery of Remmy's body]

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PostSubject: Raging Fire, Dying Embers [LOG--discovery of Remmy's body]   Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:56 am

[00:33:27 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *makes a little noise*
[00:34:43 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *mimics it, and reaches up to rub Bridhe's scalp*
[00:36:38 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *purrs, melting before snickering softly* I'm really holding you back, I bet there's some guy out there who really deserves this shit.
[00:39:42 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *snorts and shrugs* Ehh, maybe. But I like being here
[00:40:00 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Really?
[00:40:51 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Eh, well, maybe the circumstances are kinda shit, but the company's not so bad
[00:42:06 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *chuckles*
[00:42:15 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Depends on whose company you keep, man
[00:42:22 22/09/10] BewilderMe : I've met some crazy fucks out there
[00:42:34 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Ffff, true
[00:43:01 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : The guys around the Fort are pretty okay, though
[00:43:43 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Yeah they are
[00:43:58 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Just stay on their goodside, right? *grins*
[00:44:05 22/09/10] BewilderMe : You ever see Jack go batshit?
[00:44:16 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Or Ben for that matter, they're crazy fucks
[00:44:50 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Aaaah, kinda, yeah. When we ran into Crazy-Rabies and those zombie things
[00:45:15 22/09/10] BewilderMe : crazy-rabies?
[00:45:47 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Guy who bit me :I
[00:46:04 22/09/10] BewilderMe : What'd he look like?
[00:46:17 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *frowns. Fucker. Nobody bites his gingerbitch but him*
[00:48:08 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Mmmh, long hair, dark. Best look I got of him he was kinda beat to fuck
[00:48:34 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *frowns deeper*
[00:48:47 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Did he say anything?
[00:50:23 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Mmmh, he called me some creepy petname and asked if I wanted to play with him, when he came at me. Ugh. *frowns, trying to remember* Was giving Ben and Jack shit when they were fighting him
[00:51:34 22/09/10] BewilderMe : How beaten up was he, like... Was his jaw kinda broken and shit?
[00:52:33 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Yeah, actually. Couldn't tell if it was recent or what though, think he got kicked in the face a few times during the fight
[00:53:27 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Huh...
[00:54:35 22/09/10] BewilderMe : And your ankles doing a lot better since Bob used his magic fingers?
[00:55:18 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *grins, sticking out his foot to wiggle it around* Yep
[00:55:59 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Awesome. *smirks, ruffling Theo's hair*
[00:57:02 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *grins wider and laughs* So, how've you been?
[00:57:32 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Lookin' for Marduk
[00:57:40 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Running around like an idiot.
[00:57:46 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Came back to resupply
[00:57:58 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Ahhh man, he's missing?
[00:59:11 22/09/10] BewilderMe : I haven't seen him in a few days, I'm gonna beat him and throw him in the lake after I find him.
[01:00:51 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *snorts* Sounds like a solid plan. D'you want me to help?
[01:00:59 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Sure!
[01:01:06 22/09/10] BewilderMe : I'll probably need it, he's taller than I am
[01:01:13 22/09/10] BewilderMe : and has muscles.
[01:03:45 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : I meant the finding him bit as well as the tossing him into the lake one
[01:04:58 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Oh, yeah... I am kinda worried about going out alone
[01:05:10 22/09/10] BewilderMe : what with rabid menbiting people and zombies and shit.
[01:08:41 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *nods* Yeah, safer in packs, right?
[01:09:06 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Y-yeah
[01:09:24 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Easier to get away from toothdogs, too
[01:10:25 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Mmmh. Man, those zombie-things really scared the hell out of a pack of 'em
[01:10:40 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Buncha dogs ran right by us in the streets trying to get away
[01:11:13 22/09/10] BewilderMe : That's... Fuckin' scary. Nothing scares those dumbassed mutts. *frowns* Zombies are bad news. WE don't have shotguns or anything
[01:11:19 22/09/10] BewilderMe : If pyramid head pops out
[01:11:25 22/09/10] BewilderMe : I'm gonna become a shut in
[01:12:37 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Ffff oh god
[01:12:49 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Seriously. I will stay in a room
[01:12:51 22/09/10] BewilderMe : forever
[01:12:57 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Yeah
[01:13:00 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Yeah good idea
[01:13:10 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Seriously, fuck that noise
[01:13:39 22/09/10] BewilderMe : We should get moving if we're going to. Before it gets too late. There's a place I've set up that we can stop at to rest if we don't find him before sundown.
[01:17:02 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *nods* Yeah, okay. Where've you looked already?
[01:17:59 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Some of the east side of the lake, I checked the usual spots he would go, and some of the more secluded areas... I ventured out a little bit outside of Home territory.. But not too far?
[01:18:13 22/09/10] BewilderMe : That Pyro fucker is still out there, dumb brat or not he's still dangerous
[01:18:23 22/09/10] BewilderMe : and zombies and rats ontop of that? Fuck
[01:20:01 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *hasn't run into Pyro before, but the others sound bad enough* Ergh. So should we start circling out from Home, then?
[01:21:41 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Yeah, go along the west side. Should get light for longer on that side, anyway.
[01:22:54 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Alright. Anything we need to grab from here before we get going?
[01:23:43 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Uhm... Medkit, some food supplies... Maybe a makeshift flashlight for you to use? Sadra. You need a weapon?
[01:26:43 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *nodding along with the list* Mmmh, if I can find a piece of re-bar or something metal, but I can turn it into a shock-stick. *grin*
[01:26:50 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *bet
[01:28:24 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Shouldn't be hard to find. I'd offer Sadra, but you know... She's mine. <3 That and you'd probably dislocate your shoulders.
[01:30:17 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *snorts* Naw, you keep your baby.
[01:30:27 22/09/10] BewilderMe : this one didn't come outtamy ass
[01:30:43 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : I'd be afraid if you birthed that
[01:31:49 22/09/10] BewilderMe : I would too, like throwing a hotdog down a hallway
[01:32:41 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *grabbing his shit as he talks, he does that*
[01:33:42 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *derp derp, following along and picking up whatever important shit they need* Man, that would be like a reverse-hotdog though
[01:37:18 22/09/10] BewilderMe : ...
[01:37:33 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Heh. It would be between my buns. Would you eat my buns, Theo?
[01:39:31 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *shoving a canteen into his bag*
[01:40:07 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : I do love a good slab of meat between two buns
[01:41:03 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Yeah, so do I. *grunts, digging through his shit before pulling out a sorry, dented aluminum bat* How about this?
[01:43:21 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *snorts and takes the bat, giving it an experimental swing* Long as it transfers a charge, I'm good
[01:44:17 22/09/10] BewilderMe : IT should. At least I think it should. I dunno how long it'll last, though. We can find something sturdier along the way. You want to carry an extra canteen?
[01:48:03 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Sure, I can carry whatever stuff ya need me to. *swings the bat up over a shoulder*
[01:52:39 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Alright. *tosses him a canteen and his medkit before starting to walk out* LEt's go.
[01:55:13 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *snags the gear and trots after Bridhe*
[01:56:19 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Off to the wild blue yonder! *poses before walking off toward the western side of the lake*
[01:57:45 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *snorts, whistling "hi ho hi ho" as they head off*
[01:59:19 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Whistle while you work. *whistles as he props Sadra on his shoulder* WE're hobbits, not dwarves Theo!
[02:00:58 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *laughs* Right, right *switches over to the Lord of the Rings theme*
[02:02:26 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *humming darth vader theme*
[02:03:48 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *coupla dorks, these two*
[02:13:05 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *he's walking down the street, coming from the direction they're headed towards; his painted lips drawn into a hard thin line, eyes staring into the gravel as he walked*

[02:17:1622/09/10] BewilderMe : Merinskiiii[02:19:31 22/09/10]
Kurr : *his blue eyes flick up at the mention of his name but he doesn't say anything. The corner of his mouth twitches slightly, his thin eyes wider than usual* ...
[02:21:00 22/09/10] @ Kurr : B-bridhe...? *his hoarse voice cracks slightly*
[02:21:24 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Merinski, you alright man?
[02:23:23 22/09/10] @ Kurr : I--- *he shakes his head* F-f-f-f-f-f....fffffound... *shudders slightly, gripping the handle of his hammer tighter*
[02:24:47 22/09/10] BewilderMe : ...?
[02:25:11 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : ... *hanging back, worried frown starting to worm its way onto his face*
[02:25:20 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *hollowly* A b-b-b....
[02:25:23 22/09/10] @ Kurr : A body.
[02:25:32 22/09/10] @ Kurr : Burned.
[02:25:39 22/09/10] @ Kurr : Fffucking b-bburned.
[02:25:47 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *his fingers twitch*
[02:26:26 22/09/10] BewilderMe : W-what?! Who was it?!
[02:28:39 22/09/10] @ Kurr : I-I-I-I---- *hisses softly, shaking his head, his free hand going to his opposite arm and gripping there* I don't...I c-c-can't t-t-telll, t-t-too fff-f-ffff-fff...fffucking....
[02:28:48 22/09/10] @ Kurr : Fffucking ch-ch-charred, ffuck.
[02:29:13 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : ....shit.
[02:30:16 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Where at, man?
[02:31:47 22/09/10] YanniMorePlz : h-hello? *walks into ((whereever the fuck)) everyone is chilling at*
[02:33:44 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *JUMPS as suddenly Eamon turns the corner, but tries to settle himself, turning back to Bridhe. Silently, he gestures for them to follow*
[02:33:58 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *nods, very slightly, to Eamon* Hey, Copper.
[02:34:40 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *speaking as he walks* I w-w-was...l-l-looking ffffor...I was practicing with Mjol-Mjolnir earlier and, and, and....
[02:34:48 22/09/10] @ Kurr : N-n-near...ffff....ffff
[02:35:12 22/09/10] @ Kurr : P-p-p-p-p...nghh, ffuck...P-p-police st-station is th-that....
[02:35:42 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *trails off, walking. Unnevrved and frustrated that when he was nervous his stuttering only seemed to get worse*
[02:36:19 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *Bridhe glanced at Eamon, nodding to him slowly before moving to catch up to Merinski... Sadra held ready.* Did it... look like anyone we knew?
[02:37:30 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *tailing behind, uncommonly somber* Man, just. Fuck.
[02:38:00 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *he shakes his head no* G-g-granted I---don't fffff-f-fffucking kn-know a...a...a lot of...p-p-p...p-people, but....
[02:38:05 22/09/10] YanniMorePlz : ...
[02:38:20 22/09/10] @ Kurr : Nnn. *he too is holding his weapon at the ready, trying to be alert, prepared*
[02:39:17 22/09/10] YanniMorePlz : ... uhh, whats goin on?
[02:40:27 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Mer found a body, someone got burned up.
[02:41:14 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *the old abandoned police station was somewhat out of the way from the city's main drag. Merinski leads the rag-tag group down a side street before taking a short-cut up a small alley*
[02:41:42 22/09/10] YanniMorePlz : oh shit, really? *is interested, yay murder crime stuff*
[02:41:55 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Do you want me to check it out while you wait back here? *talking to Merinski as he moves a little faster, even warier than before. This wasn't good, did this mean Pyro was still fucking around?*
[02:42:56 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : Yeah. We dunno if it's anyone we know...
[02:44:10 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *Those had been his fears exactly Bridhe; and why he was grateful he'd been able to find you, since you understood* N-no it's....
[02:44:12 22/09/10] @ Kurr : I'll...
[02:44:19 22/09/10] @ Kurr : I'll sh-sh-sh...
[02:44:25 22/09/10] @ Kurr : Sh-show you...
[02:44:58 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Okay.
[02:45:00 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *he crosses the street, striding over to that small building, boots crunching on the glass of the blown out windows as he does so*
[02:46:20 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *The police station looked like it had been inhabited; at least recently. Some papers littered the streets, blowing out from the open door, a stack of books sat outside, neatly piled next to the building wall*
[02:47:17 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *but there were also burn marks, long thin spindly lines drawn down the that door as it swayed idly and freely in the breeze. And a small dark hand. Hanging out from the broken window*
[02:47:36 22/09/10] @ Kurr : .... *Merinski stops abrubtly, staring at it*
[02:52:03 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *the hairs on Bridhe's neck stood on end as he moved closer, glancing over at the books to see what types they were before trying to see who that hand belongs to.* ...
[02:54:18 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *Mer walks over the threshold of the building, wrinkling his nose as he did. Smoke, the smell of burnt flesh filled his nostrils, a smell all too familiar, goosebumps erupting on his arms. He looks off to the right, catching a glimpse of the body fully for the first time*
[02:54:24 22/09/10] @ Kurr : It's.....
[02:54:41 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *quietly, weirdly* L-l-like
[02:56:06 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *slows down when they start approaching the building, crowding close to Eamon because right now especially he feels like he needs to be beside someone. And then Merinski speaks and he makes a small, upset noise* ...shit. Shit.
[02:59:38 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *Bridhe made a strangled noise, the sound of his teeth audibly grinding as he moved toward that body slowly. Sadra was used to push the body over a little, but he already knew who it was. It made his stomach drop and his chest ache.* F-fuck. *his voice cracks a little* R-Remmy...
[03:01:39 22/09/10] @ Kurr : .... *Mer stands there silently for a moment, mentally shrinking back. His eyes traveled over Bridhe, to Remmy's body, to----*
[03:01:57 22/09/10] @ Kurr : B-B-Bridhe..?
[03:02:42 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *now that the boy's corpse had been turned over, Merinski pointed to Remmy's arms. Hand-prints, clearly burnt into the flesh, were visible*
[03:05:45 22/09/10] BewilderMe : *grit. Grit. Grind. Bridhe's shoulders dropped, shaking a little as he glared at the floor. That mace shook as he pulled it away, eye twitching briefly before he recomposed himself.* Theo, change of plans. We're bringing him back with us. Luke needs to know about this. This is way too close for comfort.
[03:09:34 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *nods dumbly, mutely. Staring at that poor shriveled mass of corpse* Y-yeah. Jesus. Fuck. I'm Sorry.
[03:09:48 22/09/10] YanniMorePlz : ...
[03:10:59 22/09/10] YanniMorePlz : Aye, *he pulls out his nightstick now that he was on edge...* did... did you know him? *asking Mer and Bridhe*
[03:11:51 22/09/10] BewilderMe : I talked to him a couple times. I didn't know him well... Merinski, there anything we can put him on to carry him back?
[03:12:31 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *Merinski's turned away from the sight, setting Mjolnir against a wall as he wrings his hands, fingers twitching worse than usual. He instead focuses on the other scenery of the building---half eaten food on the table, more books....a knife and a small box of syringes in a drawer, odd packets. He picks up the knife for a moment before setting it aside...and wrenching out the drawer, he empties out the rest of it's contents into his bag* There's.... *in a corner. A small nest of blankets. the goth makes his way over, shaking one out*
[03:13:26 22/09/10] @ Kurr : Th-th...this...? *he walks over to them, holding it out, looking away and trying not to look at the body*
[03:13:34 22/09/10] @ Kurr : I didn't kn-know hhhim...
[03:14:40 22/09/10] @ Kurr : It's a p-p-police station maybe... *he goes back over to the other side, ducking into another room* ...m-m-maybe they hhhave a stretcher..
[03:15:12 22/09/10] BewilderMe : I guess the fucker is going through with his threat. Last I saw, Remmy was going off with that Reggie woman. *he takes the blanket, using it to drag Remmy onto the ground before starting to wrap the corpse up tightly. It was strange, touching someone and not feeling anything but silence. It unnerved him. Made him a little sick.* Yeah, good idea Merinski. *Bridhe would vomit later, now was not the time.*
[03:17:49 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *returns, one of those washboard-like orange plastic stretchers gripped tightly in his bony hands. He approaches, setting it on the ground beside the wrapped body*
[03:18:03 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *moving over to Bridhe, trying not to gag now that he's closer to... to what used to be a person* Need help?
[03:20:04 22/09/10] @ Kurr : B-because he c-c-can't...he hasn't fffound his stupid ffucking partner or some sh-shit..? *he whispers hoarsely, recalling what Bridhe had told him of his last encounter with Pyro*
[03:20:38 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *nods to Theo, standing up and brushing off his knees and trying to get out of the way*
[03:20:58 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Just need someone to carry the other end. We can use the stretcher at Home, too.. Thanks Merinski. *Inwardly Bridhe was cringing, screaming as he touched that cold body. Rolling it onto the stretcher before moving to one end after snagging Sadra and looping her around his wrist.* No. Eamon, you get the other end. Theo, Merinski... keep an eye out for trouble. Fuck me if we get attacked now.
[03:21:18 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Yeah, he can't find Malice. I don't even know where Malice is. He hasn't bothered me in a while now.
[03:21:39 22/09/10] YanniMorePlz : Can do mate
[03:22:52 22/09/10] YanniMorePlz : I just wonder, why this happened, it's already so hard to live here without so much violence *not having to bend over much to pick up the stretcher*
[03:22:58 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *nods* W-Want me to g-g-get Sadra..? *he himself picks up Mjolnir, giving the building one last cringing glance as he looked around. Fuck. They had to get out of here. The smell was causing his mind to fritz, panic*
[03:23:54 22/09/10] BewilderMe : Naw. I got 'er. *lifting up the other end, shaking the hair out of his face before starting to walk.*
[03:24:41 22/09/10] ZygomaticProcess : *nods again, watching buildings and streets as they walk, feeling wary and a little sick*
[03:26:12 22/09/10] @ Kurr : *carries up the rear of the group, constantly looking over his shoulder. Fuck him, they were NOT going to be tailed. Not today, not now. Merinski grips Mjolnir, his knuckles white all the way back Home*
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Raging Fire, Dying Embers [LOG--discovery of Remmy's body]
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