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 Bisuit's Babies

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Biscuits & Tea

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PostSubject: Bisuit's Babies   Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:29 pm

Mycra Crossen - Third Generation. <3
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Biscuits & Tea

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PostSubject: Mycra Crossen   Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:47 pm

Name: Michael "Mycra" Crossen
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Personality: Withdrawn, yet curious about the world around him. With new people, he's constantly on the lookout for a reason to lose trust in them. If he looses trust, he only grows more weak looking. He's needy, and therefore will stay with anyone in order to survive. Despite how depressing he seems, his mind works 24/7 on trying to keep his thoughts positive. If he trusts you, and continues to trust you- he will display his optimism more towards you, and you can see a side of Mycra that no one really has ever had the grace of seeing for a long time. A more childish side of him. A personality of youth displayed at it's acme. He displays his disillusions, and child-like fantasies instead of keeping them pent up inside of him. Mycra is the type of child that tends to act much older than he is. He acts like a mother to things less fortunate than him, and enjoys singing.
Appearance: His appearance is pretty botched up. As you will eventually see when I get an acceptable picture up. He has soft blonde hair, and one vivid blue eye. The other is covered up by a white medical eyepatch. His frame is malnourished and small. From three inches below his belly button, up to above the middle of his chest, he is stitched up with a blood-stained pink ribbon, which has pretty much turned into a red ribbon- complete with a big bow. His pale body is dappled with freckles, especially on his face. He has scabs on the tips of both of his cheeks where a scalpel sliced the skin off to resemble doll cheeks it has healed over with a thin layer of skin, so the blood below it is still noticeable.
Background: He doesn't remember much of his time in the lab- in fact he barely remembers any of it. It frustrated him greatly because he knows that's why he's such a mess of a human. All he can recall is that his step-mother was the reason he was here. She wanted him out of her husband's life, and she had had the connections to rectify this.
Classification: Minor psychic capabilities. Mycra has brainwaves that can slightly move objects or slightly shift them in a certain direction. He believes that he can move things by singing- however since his mind is the manipulator behind the "magic" his ability only works when he sings. Otherwise he cannot. Or so he believes.
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Bisuit's Babies
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