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 Corpse Hunt- [log, to be continued]

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PostSubject: Corpse Hunt- [log, to be continued]   Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:38 am

[15:52:18 23/11/10] mythee : *Most of the toothdogs are out hunting. Those still there are either too old old or too young.*

[15:53:38 23/11/10] mythee : *Jackal has been checking their ins and outs for days. Starving. Worried. Something drove her to madness one of the past nights. She watches. Coast is clear. Enters the ruined building that the toothdogs use as shelter, using rubble as cover.*

[15:54:08 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : -Said's not dumb enough to be hanging around a pack of toothdogs. Well, at least not hanging around them directly. He is sitting in a dead tree, a little ways off, watching the magnificent creatures, young and old, sniffing around. They dared not approach him, for he smelled something...terrible-

[15:55:42 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : -he then noticed a humanoid figure enter the toothdog's lair. How peculiar. Rather amused, he wants to see the person getting ripped to shreds, he hops down the tree, shouldering his shovel, replacing the bandana on his face and adjusting his hat-

[15:57:35 23/11/10] mythee : *sneaks nearer, still unnoticed. Has climbed to a floor above the toothdogs. There is a hole in the floor. She peers into it, observing. Mapping the interior. Where are the corpses? She'd seen them bring them in...* Hope they have leftovers

[15:59:12 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : -he follows her in, making a ruckus on his way into the building, shoving rubble away with his shovel. He did not know where that person was, and cocked an ear hopin to her him/her gag as he stepped into the room-

[16:01:36 23/11/10] mythee : *The toothdogs ears swivel to the sudden noises. An overwhelming smell- shitnotthatone. The old ones wish to threaten him away. Defend their territory. Loud growls fill the room as toothdogs get up menacingly.*

[16:03:30 23/11/10] mythee : *Jackal doesn't have much of a sense of smell, his effect is dampened. All she sees is a man entering the room. That idiot! He's in danger! The toothdogs begin to growl. Jackal grinds her beak, a hand on the hilt of a sword. Ready to intervene. Stomach so empty. Not enough force to fight so many... she'd have to distract them, first.*

[16:04:31 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : Eeeehhhh heh heh heheehhh -his greasy laugh fills up the room, as he smacks the shovel around the area, making lots of noise- Yer bitzers! She'w beh apples, jus' loo'in' arou'.

[16:06:57 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : -he peers around the room, not really scared of the toothdogs, knowing half of them usually balk when they roam too close. A few glances and he sees no humans in the vacinity. Hmm. She might have gome upstairs then. A very jagged toothy smile later he kept smacking his shovel around, making as much noise as possible, trying to detter the beasts-

[16:07:07 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : *he/she

[16:11:37 23/11/10] mythee : *Toothdogs are unsure. They back off, then get near again. He is being circled. As one of them is about to snap at the loud shovel thing, Jackal kicks down a large brick, which crashes thunderously through the room, distracting the toothdogs attention. She yells from up there in a voice too far from human to tell age or gender, "Run!"

[16:15:46 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : Boo'y 'ell??!! -the crashing brick probably distracts him from his current path backways to the staircase. So, that person is trying to help him. How interesting, it obviously has no idea who he is, and so he plays along, shooting up the stairs, tracking the voice down. It clearly wasn't human, or at least not entirely. Technically, he is not supposed to interfere with the subjects in this place, but he was ineteredted by the sound of this person. Oh well, he can meet up his "date later-

[16:17:21 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : -finally up the stairs he slams the top door shut behind him, immediately overpowering the room with his smell, which probably can remind people of a terrible terrible death. He is technically supposed to be retired, but they called him back for whatever reason-

[16:17:55 23/11/10] mythee : ((Wait, changing classrooms))

[16:19:21 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : ((Pft))

[16:21:28 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : ((Got class in like 5-10 minutes))

[16:25:41 23/11/10] mythee : ((Aww...))

[16:25:51 23/11/10] mythee : ((Well, I'll reply, we can continue some other morning xDD))

[16:26:11 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : ((Okay))

[16:28:41 23/11/10] mythee : -Damn, hears his footsteps. Why is she being followed? Ah, there's something in the air, a smell- it must be very strong for Jackal to be able to smell it. Yet it is dulled down to the smelling-impaired creature. The toothdogs below are assaulting the door, trying to come up. She is food.

[16:29:13 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : ((Kay g2g, bai~!))

[16:29:28 23/11/10] Xenomorph-Queen : ((Save this somewhere so we can continue some other day!))

[16:29:31 23/11/10] mythee : ((Kbye! x3))

[16:33:00 23/11/10] mythee : *walks briskly toward to man. There he is- not a very civil looking guy, looks almost like the corpses she feeds on. Jackal is not one to judge appearances, however. She has a paper bag on her head, and the ox tail.* What were you doing?! *whispers this, sounds more like a rasp*
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Corpse Hunt- [log, to be continued]
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