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 In the Flame of Error [Howling Light/Aeries' Skirmish]

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PostSubject: In the Flame of Error [Howling Light/Aeries' Skirmish]   Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:26 am

Last time, Aeries was recovered by the search party; however the soldier took off from them almost IMMEDIATELY having discovered his partner Jack was nowhere to be found. Aer then searches madly for Jack, his tick leading him to his partner---along with a fight with a few unsavory fellows that reveal an even MORE unsavory truth...

Ev: (8:11:07 PM) *Salt. Sea. The scent of the ocean came crashing and burning into his nostrils, drowning out the pain in his side and head and hands and pride for a moment before his feet hit sandy dirt. He looks quickly from side to side, scanning the shore for his partner. He not only spots Jack, but another form with two toned hair. Fury and slight panicworryshitshitFUCKdammit make the hair on the back of Aeries' neck rise as he charges towards the fighting pair, a wordless growl scratching out of his throat*

DeZia Silver: (8:30:14 PM) Reed hears the new challenger before he sees him, and after administering a hefty shove he kicks sand in Jack's eyes before turning to meet Aeries with his teeth bared. "Just in time!" He barks. "S' just gettin' fun with yer buddy, fuckin' deserter."

Ev: (8:38:07 PM) Aeries doesn't even bother with human speech, growling and snarling as he thoughtlessly attempts to plow head first into Reed... But wait, would Reed really be out here on his own? Sure, he was fuckin nuts, but not STUPID. Another quick check of the area confirms that Reed is NOT alone, though by the way Terrence is laying face down in the sand, it's probably safe to wager that he won't be of much trouble. Still, he has two seconds to say something before he collides with Reed as his choosen words are: "FUKKIN' HELL KID, I TOLDA WE SHOULD'VE GOTTEN A MAP!"

DeZia Silver: (8:40:14 PM) Jack spits sand and stumbles up and forward to help with Reed, recovering breath from his last impact. He doesn't bother replying, and he doesn't even give much indication of anything at all except that he intends to help beat Reed senseless at the very least.

DeZia Silver: (8:42:47 PM) On the other hand, the Rat pummels his fists at his opponent's ribcage and exerts enough force to slide to a halt in the sand. "N' what the hell were you planning to do out here, huh? You goddamn faggots--"

Ev: (8:48:08 PM) "Takes on' ta know on' Reed!" He snarls as those fists connect, the wind going out of him before Aeries tilts his head back and slams it back full force against the Rat's skull. His goal is to get the beserker to the water. And then... well. We'll see.

DeZia Silver: (8:51:24 PM) The blow connects and Reed digs into the sand with his heels, pain flaring through his skull and jarring his teeth together. His response to this is to bite and scratch rather than punch, and those teeth are wicked sharp.

Ev: (8:52:50 PM) As Jack moves foreward, a familiar hand pops out of the ground and snags the redhead by the ankle. "You forgot about me already, Red? Maybe I should leave you a memento... Like, yanno. A scar to go right under the one Devy gave ya~"

Ev: (8:57:23 PM) He's bleeding fairly quickly, sand getting into the fresh cuts and bites, irritating them. The pain only makes Aeries' lash out more, attempting now to just get Reed to the ground and pummel the shit out of him then instead. He brings a knee up towards Reed's stomach as those sharp teeth dig into exposed skin, causing Aeries to thrash in a moment of snarling pain.

DeZia Silver: (9:00:59 PM) Caught and by no means in good sorts, the red-haired soldier lets out a cracking cry that would almost pass as a war-bellow save for being absolutely panicked and reactionary. He attempts to stomp on that hand but it quickly becomes evident that that is not an answer. He hears Aeries and tries to struggle towards him, trying to blot out Terrence's jeers.

DeZia Silver: (9:03:00 PM) Snarling erupts from Reed's throat. This was a bad time to snarl; Aeries' knee connects with his solar plexus and he tears himself from the bite, choking and sputtering on the blood he'd caused to flow.

Ev: (9:04:53 PM) "NUH UH!" Terrence is busy attempting to pull Jack down. Down into the ground. His other hand wraps around the other ankle of the panicking soldier and he tugs, cackling cruelly.

DeZia Silver: (9:07:09 PM) The runner finally drops to his knees, scrabbling as he's pulled under, trying to claw himself free by kicking... but he can't kick. He can only scratch at the sand he's melding into.

Ev: (9:10:39 PM) Hisses between his teeth as Reed pulls his own teeth out from Aeries's arm, though he quickly recovers to grab fistfulls of the other man's shirt-- and finally hears Jack and that dirtbastard Terrence. "KID!" Snarls protectively and moves to shove Reed away, trying to get to Jack now, to pull him free of the earth.

DeZia Silver: (9:12:24 PM) Jack is panicked, unthinking, and tries to scramble up Aeries the second he can reach him, desperate hands pulling at clothes to be free of that damning sensation of sliding through wet earth.

DeZia Silver: (9:13:30 PM) Recovery from the last attack is hard for Reed. The combined mess of losing breath and choking on fluid leaves the berserker gasping. As of now, he's far from a threat.

Ev: (9:15:35 PM) Terrence lets out his own growl and, after a kick to the side of his head from Aeries, he retreats back into the ground, letting go of Jack. He reappears at Reed's side, a gleeful, frenzied smile plastered on his face.

Ev: (9:17:01 PM) As soon as he has a hold on Jack he swears under his breath not to let the other out of his damn sights ever again. He turns back to where he left Reed, though, lip curled in
a protective snarl.

DeZia Silver: (9:18:10 PM) The frenzied soldier, already a mess of mindfuck, tries to break free from Aeries to attack the other two, despite what just happened.

DeZia Silver: (9:19:08 PM) With a cough, Reed stands and spits a bloody mess into the sand, glaring defiance and grinning daggers.

Ev: (9:22:31 PM) "SOOOO THEN!" The brown haired Aussie cackles again, tilting his head at Aeries. "I don't think we even NEED to tell you the message and lesson from this whole shebang."

DeZia Silver: (9:25:15 PM) "What fucking lesson?" Reed wheezes. "He's got somethin' rabid that needs to be put down, that's a lesson. Fuckin'... tsh."

Ev: (9:26:50 PM) Busy holding back Jack as best he can. This is more or less a lost cause and he knows it, but like hell he's gonna let the kid waltz on up to Tweedle-Death and Tweedle-Dumbass.

Ev: (9:28:40 PM) "..." Frowns and takes a moment to give his partner a disapproving look. "Man, don't you pay attention at all? Sure, I love to curbstomp emotionally unstable faggots as much as the next guy, but Aer's a TRAITOR, remember? Double-double crosser."

DeZia Silver: (9:31:18 PM) "I fuckin' KNOW that shitwad. This is your fuckin' idiot grudgematch y' dumbell, the fuck are you narrating it for?" He spits out more blood and stands up straight.

DeZia Silver: (9:32:52 PM) There's still too much adrenaline and Jack slams against Aeries' arms, spitting, hissing and choking on his own yelling as he tries to charge on the two at least one last time.

Ev: (9:34:43 PM) "... 'causeIcan." Terrence snorts and flips his hair out of his eyes before grinning again at the two soldiers in front of him and Reed. "C'mooon MUTT. Your buddy wants to play some more. Don't be a fukkin' spoilsport!"

Ev: (9:36:53 PM) "Fukkin'HELL,kid." Growls low in his throat, brows furrowed at Reed and Terrence... and he throws Jack to the side. Aeries quickly draws a pocket knife from his belt and charges for the two grinning Rats.

DeZia Silver: (9:38:38 PM) Jack hits and rolls, trying to scramble up to follow right after Aeries. He has no weapons and it's evident he's at the last of his energy.
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Posts : 336
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Name:: Gale
Classification: kandi metalhead baphomet.

PostSubject: Re: In the Flame of Error [Howling Light/Aeries' Skirmish]   Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:26 am

DeZia Silver: (9:39:41 PM) Reed cackles. He loves a good fight, as much as he complained to Terrence for the sake of complaining. He meets the charge... that little knife won't mean shit when he gets into full swing.

Ev: (9:43:37 PM) The bloodlusting Aussie sinks back down into the earth as Jack and Aer rush forward, and he attempts to trip the both of them. His legs come up, like he's doing the splits and a handstand at once, all underground.

DeZia Silver: (9:56:52 PM) A spray of sand marks where Jack falls and finally shows difficulty in getting up. He spits sand and tries to flail away, not wanting to be pulled under again.

DeZia Silver: (9:58:34 PM) Reed takes this chance to dive around Aeries to body-slam into his partner. His eyes are virulent with pure threat, pure challenge. "What now? Let's see you counter this dogbreath."

Ev: (10:02:25 PM) He swears loudly as he jumps over the tripline leg, launching himself towards Reed-- only to fall short as Reed dives around him towards Jack. Aeries snarls and barks out an enraged cuss... and in retaliation, grabs one of Terrence's legs and YANKS the man out of the ground.

Ev: (10:04:25 PM) Sputters as he's pulled like a carrot from the earth and flipped so he's right side up. He then outright squawks and flail-punches and kicks at Aeries as the soldier shove that pocket knife a mere centimeter away from his eye.

DeZia Silver: (10:10:30 PM) Reed sneers and pulls Jack up in that headlock, digging the nails of his free hand into his hostage's back. "Impasse. Damn good. Fuck you."

Ev: (10:13:55 PM) Aeries sneers right back, digging the point of that knife into the skin just below Terrence's eye, his other hand around the Aussie's neck, cutting off Terrence's howl of pain. "I'll pass. Ya been fuckin' THIS on' and fuck knows where he's been." His own back is burning and twitching from the tick feed back, though he does his best not to let it show as he and Reed glare at one another.

DeZia Silver: (10:16:09 PM) The only clue that he's conceded is that after a swift and harsh elbow to Jack's ribs, he shoves him forwards to roll in the sand towards Aeries. The man does not make any move to get up once he is thrown.

Ev: (10:19:08 PM) "Hn." The dog soldier snorts out of his nose. He's not so... "generous" as Reed, and plunges that knife down into Terrence's shoulder before tossing the screeching, cursing Aussie off to the side. Quickly as he can, Aeries rushes to pick up his partner. They need to leave. Now. And fast.

DeZia Silver: (10:21:56 PM) Reed actually cackles at that. "You're not gonna make it far, not for shit, not fucked up like you both are. Gowan. Fucking run! You fucking Traitor!"

DeZia Silver: (10:23:14 PM) Jack only grinds his teeth, trying to pull himself to standing using Aeries as a starting point. The feelings that poured out of Reed and Terrence had done a good deal more than regular wounds could have.

Ev: (10:25:03 PM) With Jack finally on his feet, Aeries doesn't even bother with a verbal retort, only drags his partner along as he breaks into a run, going as fast as his body will let him. His teeth are grit from physical pain, and the mindsick coming from his partner.

Ev: (10:28:05 PM) Spits out venomous curses at Jack and Aer as they flee from where he's writhing in the sand. His hand is on the handle of the blade imbeded hilt deep in his shoulder, knowing both that he should take it out and that it's going to hurt like a BITCH---

DeZia Silver: (10:32:30 PM) Reed does the most obviously logical thing and removes the knife for Terrence.

Ev: (10:33:57 PM) Terrence does the most manly thing in response and punches Reed in the face. "Fuckin' BITCH!"

DeZia Silver: (10:34:29 PM) So much for vicious fighting team. Reed turns his fury on Terrence without a second thought.

DeZia Silver: (10:35:47 PM) Jack is not able to go very far. He's shuddering and trying to get to every place where he possibly could hide, scrambling in attempts to escape Aeries.

Ev: (10:36:04 PM) "Reed, stoppit, STOP fer fuck's sake JESUS. Seriously." Still bleeding a nice bit, Terrence returns blow for blow before retreating into the ground.

Ev: (10:37:51 PM) "..." Narrows his eyes and looks about the city. They're far enough from downtown to risk stopping for a moment. He finally lets Jack go, following after to see where he goes to hide.

DeZia Silver: (10:39:51 PM) Stumbling, the man tears into a building, and tries to get himself in the smallest spot possible, backing under what may have been a welcome desk pushed up against a wall. In a similar manner, he shoves his own back against the wall, staring out.

Ev: (10:42:57 PM) With a weary gait, Aeries trails after Jack, brows still furrowed as he seats himself as close as Jack will let him get, though not directly next to the other man. He lets some minutes of silence pass before he breaks the quiet, voice slightly hoarse from so much growling. "Kid. Jack. Need ta git back home."

DeZia Silver: (10:46:04 PM) "You know them. You knew them." The tone is accusing, and if it were at all possible, the sound of the removal of the leg of the nearest chair might seem as much too. "Traitor...?" It's obvious with clues from the tick that his mind is racing, jumping to the vague recollections of the battle fueled by the massively irrational paranoia the strange light had woke in him.

Ev: (10:52:43 PM) "... yeh." His own tone in return is flat yet honest. Admitting. And yet, not apologetic. The seething, time-biding patterns of his own mind clash with Jack's, like ice and steam. Aeries leans his head back against the wall behind him. Even if his partner is ready to go off on him, the amber eyed man feels relieved. At least he found the red haired moron.

DeZia Silver: (11:02:10 PM) "And what were you going to do, backstab us?" The way he says "back" is twisted and rushed and his voice cracks. "You know what they do? What they DID? Wh... Just. Shit. Fuck it." He clambers out and starts to leave the building, his own arms wrapped around himself, the piece of chair clutched close like a lifeline. He doesn't know what to think or do.

Ev: (11:05:12 PM) "I was, yeh." He stands, following Jack out of the building, face twisting as he recalls his apathy, his lack of caring. His voice raises abit as he speaks again, gains back some of its life. "I was 'til I SAW. What they did ta YOU, kid."

DeZia Silver: (11:12:26 PM) Jack's shoulders fall from their usual position of stand-offish-ness, and he falls back against another wall. "I don't know what you did or how they know, I don't fucking know okay?" He trails off, his sentences lose structure. He is far too tired, confused and hurt to make heads or tails of any of it. Some fucking soldier he was. He just stared, glared hard at Aeries but would not meet his eyes. For once.

Ev: (11:19:22 PM) He stands in front of Jack, not glaring in return. NOW he finally looks apologetic, like a dog that's run from home and finally come back. Aeries's mouth draws into a tight line as he too looks away, one hand loosely balled into a fist. "Look, I'll... I'll explain it all ta ya later kid. First, we need ta get out of this fukkin' city and... talk ta Luke or somethin'."

DeZia Silver: (11:23:43 PM) There's a long silence, until Jack finally speaks. "Traveling at night is dumb shit. And how long you think until they send their buddies? You pissed bad people off Aer." It's the Australian's turn to sound emotionless as he gathers himself. Leave no room for over-thinking. Leave no room.

Ev: (11:27:07 PM) "... I know." Aeries lowers his head and takes a step back. "I'll scout fer a place ta hide out in till dawn." He didn't bother to mention sleeping. That was unlikely for the both of them now, despite how ungodly tired Aeries felt. The soldier grits his teeth together before he breathes out an apology for something. Maybe for everything.

DeZia Silver: (11:53:05 PM) "This place is as good as any." He seeks out the staircase. He says nothing besides.
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In the Flame of Error [Howling Light/Aeries' Skirmish]
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