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 A Moth to Flame

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PostSubject: A Moth to Flame   Wed Feb 09, 2011 10:36 pm

Ashke was awake... Ashke was always awake.



Jez had found this out soon after becoming bonded with the man. Being always awake meant always on the move, and since Jez had to be within 50 yards of the man or he started practically convulsing, that meant that Jez had to be always moving, and therefore, also always awake. He had taken to falling asleep whenever he could. He had fallen asleep literally while tossed over the undead man's shoulder several times. Ashke really liked carrying Jez like his own personal teddybear. Right now though, Jez could not sleep as Ashke was making the loudest, most annoying noise Jez had ever heard. THIS MAN MADE NO SENSE WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS!

Jez beat his head lightly against the ground as his wide blue eyes stared at the wall. He couldn't take this. He couldn't take this and the pain and the dogs and this city, not right now, and he doubted he would ever be able to take it without going insane first. Finally he, shoved himself off the floor, joints creaking like an old man's. He stumbled towards the door, not even caring if Ashke knew he was going out or not.

With every step Jez could feel the minute changes in his body; his wrist began to hurt first, then his muscles muscles began aching, a dribble of blood dripped from his nose, all signs that he was getting further from Ashke. He heard no dogs though, and so he boldly twisted the lock bolt on the door Ashke and he had taken refuge behind for the night and opened the door. Cool night breeze hit his skin and Jez took a shaky breath of it, the chill clearing his lungs for a moment before he coughed. Jez shut the door behind him with a click and sunk down to his butt. Ashke's loud noises became muffled and Jez hung his head. It wasn't safe to sleep outside, he knew that, especially when blood was dripping out of his nose and eyes. He wouldn't wander any further from the door... but he would sit here... just for a little bit...

Jez nodded off, pale form slumping against the door gently. He was incredibly still, one might even think he was a dead body if it weren't for the fresh blood slowly dripping out of what outlets would allow it...
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A Moth to Flame
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