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 UPDATE: Shatterdown plots to start in a few weeks!

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PostSubject: UPDATE: Shatterdown plots to start in a few weeks!   Mon May 28, 2012 11:52 pm

Hello friends, long time no see! As many of you well know, we're soon going to be starting a new junkpunk/post-collapse roleplay on this forum, "Path to Shatterdown." Woo hoo!

Please take note though that our central GM Rip is going to be busy for a bit moving and settling into his new apartment with Ev/Pillz, and I myself will have spotty internet for a few weeks as well, so the three of us ask for your patience while real life things get settled.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of things you the roleplayers can do to prepare if you'd like! If you haven't done so already, please check out THIS old Gaia link which was a preliminary version of this game. Although the list of races is incomplete and our story here will be much more vast, it will give you a good idea of what you can work with character-wise. Also feel free to make your own art thread in the subforum and post character sketches and ideas as you flesh out your OCs!
The cbox is also open for freestyle rp'ing. Flex your rp'ing skills! Test out a new character! Get used to the chat format! Meet new people and build IC relationships! While we're experiencing some downtime, this is a great opportunity to see how your characters interact with others, as foes and friendships will play a huge role in this game.

Other things to look forward to that we will soon add:

- complete list of races, including expanded information on all of them already listed and several new GeneFreak mutations such as Titanium and Zinc, and new factions too, such as the Hunters!
- character sheet skeletons for you to fill out if you'd like, and a place to post character profiles and information!
- Plot and setting information, and a subforum to post our c-box roleplay logs.

For those of us who weren't around for the previous Dirge roleplay here, I'll also post a quick "what to expect" basically for this sort of game and roleplay format soon.

Again, thanks for your patience as we continue to migrate and consolidate topics and get our real life squared away first. Relax, have fun, and we'll see you soon when we get this party started.

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UPDATE: Shatterdown plots to start in a few weeks!
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