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 Update: About open groups (Ninjas, Pirates and Vikings)

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PostSubject: Update: About open groups (Ninjas, Pirates and Vikings)   Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:33 pm

Update: Zombies and... Fish group have been added for those with a preference for green/blue.

Three groups have been created today, the ninjas, pirates and vikings. These are open groups, meaning that anybody can join them. Joining one of these groups will change your username to the color of that group.

How to join a group:
1.Go to the "Groups" page by clicking on "GROUPS" in the navigation bar.
2.There is a drop down menu in "join a group." From the drop down menu, pick the group you want to join. (this won't work for moderators and administrators. xDD)
3.Click on "view information."
4.On the group page, click the "Join Group" button.

These groups have NOTHING to do with the RP on this forum. They were created to give people a bit of customizing freedom. And awesomeness. Also, bold white names on a dark background are painful to look at when you've been up for too long XDD

Oh but OOC RP is always teh kool XD
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Update: About open groups (Ninjas, Pirates and Vikings)
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